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The expectation is that education programs revamp to provide nurses with leadership courses that teach them to be accountable for contributions as leaders, to be responsible for their own growth and competence, and learn to collaborate across multiple lines of healthcare providers in order to bring accessible care to patients (“Institute of Medicine & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,” 2010). Do you feel we (the University of Mount Olive and the RN to BSN Degree Program) are providing that for you?



The RN to BSN degree program at the University of Mount Olive is mainly designed for fully registered nurses who want to take their profession to the next phase. The nursing profession has grown rapidly in the recent past in terms of career preference, and therefore many nurses continue to feel the need to feely uniquely productive and skilled in order to enhance their employability in today’s labor market.


Firstly, the program aims to train nurses on the issue of leadership in the health sector in order to help students to go gain knowledge holistically as they wait to graduate and contribute positively to society. Under this program they are prepared both theoretically and in the acquisition of real-world skills that they will employ once they graduate in the school of medicine. I feel that unlike other programs, this one exposes students to diverse perspectives. It puts emphasis on nurses’ personal development and accountability in the health care sector.

I consider leadership to be crucial in this sector because it allows nurses to be responsible in many ways and to exploit their potential in leading and influencing others. It also helps to ensure there is quick and responsible decision-making process in matters relating to health in various facilities. Nurses do not have to wait for the head of department to give an opinion regarding an urgent issue relating to a patient. Rather they can be to give their opinion and yield a positive result. They are empowered to bring up a team work in efforts towards the attainment of a common goal.

Moreover, the RN to BSN degree program has addressed the critical issue of leadership by incorporating leadership-related courses which are provided in a flexible manner and can be also found online. There is also an acknowledgment that leadership has to go hand in hand with management, and this aspect has been well taken care of in the RN to BSN program being offered at Mount Olive. All courses presuppose the use of diverse leadership and management styles in the workplace. Without management the resources being made available at a facility may not be managed properly, leading to ineffectiveness in goal attainment. The RN to BSN program is quite clear on this issue because the two important elements have been incorporated in most, if not all, courses. The argument being made is that the ideal nurse leader is one who influences action and sees to it that the goals of a facility are achieved at all times. Additionally, effective nurse leaders are said to be those that create a favorable working environments that helps their colleagues to avoid stress. Such nurses should also make stressful days at work by being optimistic.

Meanwhile, the courses being offered in the RN to BSN program that I find most helpful are those that address the issue of change, which is an attribute that every health facility operating in today’s alarmingly changing world. It is inevitable for all organization, and it should therefore not be perceived negatively. Any facility can thrive its operations through constant adaptation to change in all its systems and operational structures. I am glad that change is one of the concepts that are being emphasized on at the University of Mount Olive.

In one particular course, “NUR 470 Theoretical Constructs for Leadership Roles and Nursing”, students are prepared for real-work environment through exposure to theoretical aspects of functions of management (Base, 2012). Management-related courses are also outlined in the brochure, and subjects under each are properly highlighted. Thus, upon graduating with this degree course, students they are equipped not only to work not only in the health sector but also work in other areas in the economy.


Most importantly, this course has change my perspective of nursing I no longer perceive a nurse’s work only in terms of dealing with patients all day long. Nurses who graduate from this program are well equipped to start their own businesses and run them effectively for profitability and long-term survival. They are caught how to formulate business strategies that are critical for business success. For example, aspects of customer care training under effective leadership help them to know how best to satisfy customers in order to remain competitive.

Lastly, this program can help students nurture their talents outside the field of nursing. I consider this perspective highly relevant because some nurses have immense interest in other fields only that circumstances somehow drove them towards in the field of nursing. For example, many nurse graduates end up in management roles where they are currently doing well. The program has a well thought-out arrangement whereby there are part-time eight-week sessions to help for those who are already working to acquire leadership skills. It is profoundly beneficial for nurse to gain new ideas on leadership by opening up their minds to new areas of potential action at work. Consequently, they can be able to act in the manner that is beneficial not just for the facility but also personal development. For example, they can now adopt a patient-oriented approach to healthcare management. Thus, this program is perfect for any nurse seeking to gain leadership skills to be able to cope with the high level of competitiveness that characterizes this sector in particular and the job market in general. The element of flexibility in terms of timing of the courses has enabled many nursing professionals to enroll in the program.


Base, S. (2012). Mount Olive College Catalog 2011-2012. Web.

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