Nursing Paper


References must be dated between 2010 and 2017   Scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced. A minimum of 2 references are required. A good conclusion is a must.References must be dated between 2010 and 2017.

Select a quantitative research design and formulate a research question that is congruent with that design. Explain your choice.


Nursing Essay

            Quantitative research is the logical investigation of observable phenomena through mathematical or statistical techniques using numerical data such as percentages and statistics (Polit and Hungler, 2013). Quantitative research designs allow for broader studies and greater accuracy and objectivity as personal biases can be avoided. There are four main quantitative research designs namely experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, and descriptive design (Borbasi and Jackson, 2012). For this exercise, the writer chose a descriptive research design.


            Descriptive research seeks to generate new meaning as well reach out to new frontiers of knowledge particularly where there is little known information about the phenomenon under study. This design seeks to answer the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the current state of the phenomenon by providing an accurate portrayal of the characteristics of situations, groups or individuals (Polit and Hungler, 2013). Data is collected using one or more data collection methods such as observation using checklists, questionnaires or interviews. This design does not require manipulation of subjects or any random selection of groups prior to carrying out the study.

            A research question under the descriptive research design would be “What are the knowledge, attitudes and practices of nurses in managing terminally ill patients in Texas”. Descriptive research design was selected for this study so that the researcher can get a clear picture of the current state of nursing practice towards terminally ill patients. In conclusion, descriptive research designs are valuable designs that allow researchers to understand the current state of affairs about a given phenomenon. With the increase in number of cases of terminal illnesses being reported across the nation and globe, it is important to understand the level of management capacities in our hospitals. As such, this design will go a long way in furnishing us with vital information.


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