Nutrition: Diet Plans-Atkins Diet


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Nutrition: Diet Plans-Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet has for a long time been a popular diet plan, and it remains all the rage in pop culture. Under this diet plan, individuals are encouraged to eat foods rich in protein, healthy fats and vegetables with fibre. It recommends the exclusion of starch and sugars that are contained in carbohydrate foods such as bread and pasta (Fields, 2016).


  • The search term: “Atkins Diet”
  • Number of results obtained: 1,930,000

I found out that numerous web articles on this topic have been published over the years. After reviewing the first three pages of the search results I selected two articles. The first one is “Atkins Diet Plan Review: Foods, Benefits, and Risks” dated 17March 2016, and its website name is It is a systematically written article that seeks to explain the diet to anyone seeking foundational information on the diet plan. It explains the dos and don’ts, efforts required, dietary restrictions, preferences and a doctors’ recommendations. This is a research-oriented article that describes the diet in an empirical, objective manner. The source is highly credible, its author being Lisa Fields, a freelance writer in nutrition and parenting who has contributed to various reputable publications such as The New York Times, Reader’s Digest and This well-written article assumes an informative role as opposed to being a marketing ploy in disguise.

The second article that I chose is titled, “Atkins “Nightmare” Diet”, and it was published on the website called The source assumes a negative tone all along and has negative references and responses to the diet. While it claims that the diet has for long been termed as unhealthy, uncertified and un-safe, the author makes no effort to provide credible and substantial scientific evidence to justify this view. Thus, this source appears to be not credible owing to its negative bias and specific reference to separate instances where the diet has received negative reviews. Furthermore it assumes a harsh tone that many readers may dislike. Notably, it was particularly difficult in finding a peer-reviewed article as well as a popular article that did not link the diet to celebrity culture. Evidently, therefore, celebrity culture has profoundly contributed to the dismissal on the accuracy of the diet’s strengths or weaknesses and reduced it to a subject of pop culture and trends.


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