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1- Start with quote 
2- thesis include what you will talk about and strong 
3- I need example about me 
4- two short body paragraph 
5- conclusion, I need it with Advice and with information the you put it in the thesis 
6- I need it simple



The best way to express one’s feelings of love is to pay attention to one’s lover’s needs. As James Baldwin once wrote, “Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.” The best example of how to express feelings is by taking one’s lover out for dinner or a movie.

I once fell in love with an extraordinary girl, whom I believed I stood no chance with at first. How wrong I was. It only took some effort on my part and a well-intentioned attempt to understand her feelings! I had never met anyone quite as lovely as she was. I liked the way she carried herself, the way she knew something about everything under the sun, and the way she would always have something positive to say about the people around her. She made me feel loved and happy. However, with time, I realized that she was lonely; she was introverted and had a very small circle of friends to hang out with. I learned this fact by paying attention to her feelings and watching her behavior whenever we talked about going out for a walk.


So, when I finally asked to take her out to watch a popular movie and later on to have dinner, she was very elated. She appreciated my ability to pay attention to her deepest fears and to respond appropriately. At first, though, I had to struggle to understand her perceptions. My fight for a place in her heart finally paid off after the evening out, and our love relationship took a drastic, positive turn. Thus, it is true that the best way to express love is by paying attention to one’s problems and fears and working genuinely towards addressing them.

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