outline and critically assess a shared service between a local or state government and a not-for-profit organization

This is the final project

Title page

 Executive Summary

 Introduction

o Provide an explanation of your project. What does the reader have in store for them?

 Content

o Introduce the shared service, as well as the nonprofit organization and local government.

a. Define the nonprofit organizations roles and responsibilities in relation to the local government environment.

o Communications strategy

a. Design an effective communications strategy that conveys the nonprofit mission to specific internal and external audiences.

o Discuss local government (municipal, county, city) relationships that are complementary, supplementary or adversarial to the nonprofits objectives and purpose.

a. How would you manage these issues? How would you foster good relationships?

o Discuss ways to effectively use technology systems, e-learning, e-training, to strengthen relationships with your chosen local or state government.


o Identify the challenges of advocating for grants-in-aid, fee-for-service and eligibility service models, and the effect on relationship building with the local or state government.

a. How would you manage these challenges?

o Examine the financial tax policies, social, economic regulation, and political constraints affecting the nonprofit and propose a strategy for successful implementation of the service mission.

o Identify the issues of contracting, and collaborating with the local or state government and how you would resolve the issues.

 Reflection

o Reflect on the project and what you have learned. How can you apply what you have learned to your career? What will you take away from this course project?

8 to 10 pages

reference and citation and APA format

Develop and arrange a maximum ten (10) slide PowerPoint presentation under a separate cover that highlights the project.

 Include between 5 or 6 abbreviated bullets for each slide – approximately 24-point font.

Create the presentation, craft it in a “business professional” manner with appropriate text proportions, consistent and professional font, and appropriate images to caveat your information

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