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Title: Introduction about myself

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  1. My personal information
  2. Social, cultural and economic background
  3. Education and career interests

My personal information

My name is Ken Sean and I come from Berlin, Germany. I came to study in the United States in 2007 after completing my elementary schooling in Germany. My parents, my younger brother and I immigrated to the U.S soon before I could join high school. Therefore, upon coming into the US, I joined this high school after my father was informed by the school’s administration accepted my admission letter.

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My parents have given me a proper upbringing and I always carry myself with a high sense of dignity as a way of giving back to them. The fact that they are good parents is clear from the positive comments everyone in our neighborhood makes about them. I have learned a lot from them as well as from my younger brother, who is more outgoing than me.

 I like swimming and watching movies whenever I have some free time, especially during weekends. Although I used to like German food a lot, today I have had to become accustomed to junk food that is sold in almost every restaurant in this city. Interestingly, I have started becoming keen on the different varieties of foods that one can find here in the US.

Social, cultural and economic background

I come from a middle-class family but I like mingling with friends and classmates from all social classes. This is because such mingling is fun and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. In terms of making new friends, I am also motivated by my younger brother, who always invites new friends into our house over the weekend.

The culture that I was used to in Germany is somehow different from the US culture. In Germany, people are not as time-conscious as they are here in the US. Moreover, the German people are more sociable than US people. I find it difficult to start a conversation with acquaintances when I am going home school.

            In terms of economic background, I always consider myself different from the other students in our class. This is because, unlike these students, I do not pretend to come from a well-off family. In our theatre class, I like acting out those roles that require people of humble, poor economic backgrounds. Perhaps I like being like my parents, who are always conservative in terms of the cultural, social and economic activities that they undertake.

Education and career interests

I am now in my second year in high school and I like everything about schooling here in the United States. I study most of the time, something that makes me get a sense of purpose in life. However, I engage in other activities as well. I attend drama club and I occasionally take up acting roles during competitions within the school. I also like sports, particularly baseball.

            I would like to be a surgeon when I grow up because my father says that this is a very rewarding career. However, I have never been enthusiastic about dealing with ill people, particularly treating them. However, with time, says my father, I will get used to thinking seriously about the kind of professional life that medical professionals live. This way, he says, I will develop an interest in medical sciences.

            My greatest source of enthusiasm in studies is mathematics and English. I find these subjects rewarding because of the sheer depth of knowledge that underlies every chapter. Every new chapter has new lessons that build upon the preceding chapter. I am always interested in learning new concepts that are contained in the English and mathematics syllabi. So far, I am highly optimistic about my future education, career prospects, and social life. I attribute this positive outlook of life to the support offered at home, school and by the people in the local community.

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