PowerPoint Presentation


1. Discuss the MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) specialty track that you have selected. I have selected FNP (Family nurse practitioner)
2. Demonstrate how the skills outlined in the nine (9) AACN Essentials are applicable to your selected master’s-prepared specialization. (the nine AACN essentials are accessible here: www.aacn.nche.edu/education-resources/MastersEssentials11.pdf
3. Identify three ways that a master’s-prepared nurse in your specialty would use the 9AACN Essentials skills in nursing practice.
4. Provide empirical evidence to support the three (3) ways a master’s-prepared nurse would use the 9 AACN Essentials in practice. A minimum of six (6) current (published between 2012-2017) scholarly articles are required in this section of the presentation.
5. Concluding statements summarize content.
6. 15-slide presentation with speaker notes in APA format, not counting title and reference slides.


Attached is the PowerPoint Presentation.

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