Project Charter & Business Case

Project Details
As part of the course requirements, you will apply the project management principles that you have learned in this course to a team project. This project is an environment awareness project titled “Save your planet earth”. For example, Global warming is one of the main threat for our future generations caused by our own errors. You are required to research on various ways to guide the Emirati community in order to save our planet earth from possible alarming concerns. This project has several deliverables, which includes project charter, WBS etc. In addition, you are required to create a prototype and awareness poster for your proposals as part of this project.

Project Requirements
The following documents need to be included as part of your project report.
Phase 1- 5%

1. Project Charter including a Business Case
Including the following sections:
· Project Title(0.5)
· Project Start Date(0.5)
· Project Finish Date(0.5)
· Project Manager(0.5)
· Business objective (including description of current situation and problem (4 environmental issues in UAE/opportunity) (1)
· Project Objectives (how the project will address the Business objective) (1)
· Main Project Success Criteria(1)
· Approach(1)
· Critical assumptions and constraints (1)
· Preliminary project requirements (1)
· Budget Information(1)
· Schedule estimate(1)
· Potential risks (1)
· Project Organization (roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders)(1)
· Sign-Off (signatures of all stakeholders listed in the Project Organization)(1)
· Exhibits (if relevant attachments are necessary)(1)
· Administration (spelling, format, language, header, footer, page number)-1.5 each for business case and project charter.

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