Psychology Essay-Language, Thinking, and Reasoning

If you choose to handle my essay please make sure this is 100% original work.
Here are my requirements of this essay:

Word counts: 400-600 words
Format: This is going to be graded automatically by the system, so please provide a 5-paragraph format which includes an introduction, 3 paragraphs of discussion, and a conclusion.At the beginning of each paragraph, please clearly indicate main points of that paragraph.
Contents: Please read the instruction carefully and answer all the questions. Also, make sure to use course materilas. All the readings are in attachments.
Grammar: There should be as few grammar errors as possible.
Quality: Please provide a 80%+ work.

Instruction of this essay:

Maria’s method of studying worked effectively throughout high school until she took her first foreign language course. In this course, her grades were much lower than usual. How might mental set have played a role in Maria’s academic problem?

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