public administration

University of Phoenix Material
Activity Worksheet (Week #1)


Name:  COMPA/530
Instructions: Complete this worksheet using the information you read in the assigned readings for this week, including Figure 1.1 in Ch. 1 and Hurricane Katrina Case Study of Writing for the Government.

1) Define the term cultural context. Why it is important to understand thecultural context of communications intended for a particular audience?

2) Define the term rhetoric. What rhetorical elements should be considered when developing persuasive communications?

3) Define the term stakeholders. What are some examples of questions that may be asked as a means to identify stakeholders?

4) Define the terms expert audience and nonexpert audience. What are some of the implications for communications for these two different audiences?

5) Define the term purpose as it relates to written and verbal communications. What information helps in determining the purpose?

6) Define the terms discourse conventions and discourse community. What information helps in determining the appropriate communication standard?

7) Define the term style as it relates to written and verbal communications. How might organizations maintain consistency in their communications written by different authors? Why is it important to maintain consistency?

8) Define the term ethos as it relates to an author of written and verbal communications. Why is it important to consider the author’s ethos in consensus building and when developing communications that seek public input?

9) Define diversity consciousness. Why should diversity consciousness be considered during the development of written and verbal communications?

10) Define diversity skills. What are some examples of diversity skills?

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