Sample Business Course Work


Very simple: Pick a current event that has to do with Customer Service or Sales Management. The event should be current (it happened within this month of dec 2017, and should have happened in the usa. Write a one page paper summarizing the event, explain what happened that was wrong and why it was wrong, and provide a recommendation on how to prevent this from happening in the future.


Summary of a Current Event

            The United States Tour Operators Association annual conference takes place annually since its inception in 1972. The conference for this year was held Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida. The event took place from November 27th to December 1st. The event brought together all the leading travel companies in North America. In attendance were also the tourism suppliers from all over the globe. The event was important because it brought together a big group of tours and travel professionals that had an opportunity to network and build contacts with one another. The event was an opportunity for the tour companies and travel operators to conduct business. The people in attendance also got an opportunity to meet the industry leaders and decision-makers that were a representation of the leading United States-based tour and travel companies. The event had informative speaker sessions that were helpful to the tourism suppliers, consumers, and the upcoming tour and travel companies. The sales management event offered insight into North American travel destinations and tourism events. The event was thus important in expanding the reach of the tours and travel companies in America (the United States Tour Operators Association, n.p.).


            Sales management events are aimed at attracting and retaining customers. They involve the companies showcasing their products and services so that they can be understood by the consumer. The event failed to sufficiently advertise the event so that it attracts a huge attendance. Therefore, the event was largely attended by the tour and travel companies and tourism suppliers. The consumers of the products and services were not in attendance. The event thus missed the opportunity to showcase their products to consumers. In future, the event should be sufficiently advertised to attract a huge number of tourism products consumers.

Works Cited

The United States Tour Operators Association. 2017 USTOA Annual Conference & Marketplace. Accessed on 12 December 2017 from

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