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Technological Extensions of Sex

Technological extension sex including remote, virtual, and online presents various positive and negative outcomes both now and in the future. Some of the positive outcomes are that it is much easier to find an excellent fit and a compatible partner than in any party, bar or club. Evidently, the internet offers an affordable and fast encounter online. It provides an effective means of finding voluntary or paid real-world hook-ups. Since technological extension sex is less physical, it poses a reduced risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, sex partners are safe and only uses the internet to enhance their interactions and socialization.


Online sex offers a wonderful experience that is difficult to realize in the real world. For instance, it enables people who are physically disabled and suffering social anxiety to experience the aspect of sexual power, intimacy, and pleasure through prostheses. Notably, cybersex arises between action and fantasy since it is more interactive and active than fantasy though it can be more imaginative than physical sex (Daneback, 2006).

The Internet provides an effective venue for sexual activity and love since it promotes security, confidentiality, and safety. It makes it possible to keep others away when enjoying intimate communication. In addition, it enables people to enjoy activities that are almost impossible offline. The Sexting process creates room for the couples to understand and explore sexual possibilities as well as different issues in a manner that is not threatening or immediate. In addition, it provides a learning platform particularly to those communicating to unknown people. Text chat plays an important role in supporting virtual hook-ups and connections.

It is important to note that virtual sex offers an opportunity for people to try lurk or sexual milieus in a manner that interests them. Much information can be gathered in cybersex to learn much about sexuality. Therefore, a person with sexuality that goes beyond the ordinary pedestrian of heterosexual can extensively gain from the provided chance to explore and understand their sexuality through sharing ideas and experiences with a like-minded person. Since there is no direct physical contact, the process offers a discreet and relatively safe venue. 

Although the technological extension of sex brings many positive outcomes, it is linked with many negative consequences. It provides information to everyone regardless of his or her age contributing to the development of immoralities among young children. Correspondingly, it has played a role in the deterioration of morals among children in the society since most of them are behaving beyond the right way.  Internet sex offers information regarding sex to children before they mature and develop the ability to make the right choices (Ross, 2005). Unfortunately, the process changes its mindset and behaviors. It presents undesirable scenes such as rape and sexual torture encouraging the audience to develop negative feelings regarding sexuality.  It can extend the negative outcomes to relationships and cause a detrimental impact on families and children. Violent cybersex can encourage people, particularly children to develop negative feelings regarding people of the opposite who executed the crime. Such people can become traumatized and affect their future extensively.

Cybersex can be considered as a form of infidelity since it creates powerful emotions that influence marital stress, particularly when it causes internet romance. Notably, internet adultery is a major cause of divorce in marriages. Cybersex is also criticized for causing sexual and internet addiction that is a major cause of loss of work productivity and social isolation. The affected people may spend most of their time sexting and watching pornographic videos.


To sum up, I believe that these technologies are more negative since they are likely to affect people’s interactions and the meaning of sexuality. I am certain that the technology is affecting the interaction of people and encouraging social isolation. It has played critical roles in deteriorating morals. It is creating an environment that hinders the development of desirable behaviors among children. It is responsible for the presentation of traumatizing experiences resulting in the destruction of many lives.


Daneback, K. (2006). Love and sexuality on the internet. Sweden: Göteborg University

Ross, M. (2005). Typing, Doing, and Being: Sexuality and the Internet” The Journal of Sex Research 42(4), 342.-352

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