Second language acquisition

Communicative practice realised through communicative activities in a language classroom is expected to have an important role in the process of increasing learners’ communicative competence. However, the attempt to use a range of CLT-related pair and group activities with large classes in university EFL teaching presents challenges of language interaction as well as of instructional organization. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness and the suitability of communicative activities in a large multilevel EFL classroom in a college in south-eastern Europe. It first described previous research followed by the context and the issues which prompted the study. Mixed method research data included a learning preferences survey, post-lesson notes, and an open-ended evaluation. Data analysis showed mixed responses in terms of activity preference and effectiveness on the part of the learners/participants in the study. Concerns remain about the optimal choice of activities, the search for which presents an ongoing goal. The findings suggest that, when designing CLT- based activities, learning about students’ needs and preferences in a particular teaching context is crucial for ensuring success in the classroom. It could be concluded that while the current teaching/learning situation mainly fulfils its goals, the research has highlighted some areas for improvement.

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