Social Work Assignment


Read the ebook (Kettner, Chapter 8) and the article attached below and answer the summary question.

Deparle, J. (1997, December 28). Welfare to work: A sequel. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Summary question: How can/should human services be changed to better address the needs of recipients?


Human Services

Human services encompass the approaches used to prevent and provide solutions to problems. Human Services as a profession ensures service delivery systems have quality outputs and outcomes. This goal can be reached by improving accountability and coordinating effectively the activities of all participating agencies and experts for professional service delivery.


For any positive change to be felt in service delivery, good program designs must be implemented. This can be done by a program planner carefully evaluating all the elements that are involved in the creation and implementation of a good program. This program must be efficient and produce quality outputs and outcomes.

Each program design must be detailed whereby it portrays both integrity and consistency within the service delivery system. It must establish a relationship among all the four stages of service delivery. This is important as it ensures the client’s expectations and needs are met. The four stages include inputs which are the resources and raw materials used to meet the needs of the clients. Throughputs are the interventions and services provided to address the problems. Outputs are the expected results of the program, while outcomes are the changes that the program has effected on the needs of the client. The program design that comprises of these four stages builds confidence in the work that program planners do.

In the case study, a mother of twins, Mary Ann Moores, struggles with challenges in her life. She is depressed, a drug addict and married to an unemployed man. She has to undergo a gruesome routine in the attempt to provide for her family. This has left her drained and overworked.  The challenges she faces reflect what other families in her neighborhood go through. The government had earlier on implemented a welfare program to try and raise the living standards of low-income families, but it has failed (Deparle 1997). However, the new welfare program that is being implemented must try to address the needs and expectations of the people living in Cabrini-Green for it to be effective in service delivery.


Deparle, J. (1997, December 28). Welfare to work: A sequel. The New York Times, December 28, 1997.

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