Something’s Fishy

Micronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous can result in rapid plant growth. This is why NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) fertilizers are commonly used on lawns. However, excess fertilizers in waterways leads to eutrophication. This excessive algae growth depletes the dissolved oxygen supply in the water through cellular respiration. This is further depleted when the algae bloom dies and decomposes. The hypoxic and anoxic conditions are referred to as a dead zone, for fairly straightforward reasons. Seasonally, the Gulf of Mexico experiences a large dead zone extending from the mouth of the Mississippi River. The largest recorded size of this dead zone was 7,728 square miles!Would seasonal fertilizer bans be effective at reducing eutrophication? In your response include discussion on the impact of the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration.Review the Important Information About Discussions. Your initial reply is due by the 4th day of the module week. Read your peers’ posts and reply to at least two of your peers by the last day of the module week. Review the discussion rubric to ensure you discussion meets the grading standard.

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