strategic management

For this assignment, read the case studies on pages 192-209 of your textbook. Once you have read and reviewed the case scenario, respond to the following questionswith thorough explanations and well-supported rationale.

To what degree does the product align with the current trend of healthy living? How does the family life cycle work into the discussion?

What is involved with successful branding? Explain how solid brand management and positioning would impactthis product.

Based upon your assessment, has Frito Lay identified the most appropriate target market? Include your rationale. Would you suggest an alternative or additional target market?

Are the Sun Chips multi-grain snacks a sustainable new product addition to the Frito-Lay product line? Think aboutwhether it aligns with Frito Lay’s overall product-marketing strategies. Include some level of discussion on
the competition and industry.

Your response should be a minimum of three pages
in length, double-spaced. References should include your textbook
plus a minimum of one additional credible reference. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced;
paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations per APA guidelines. Textbook used will be Strategic Marketing Problems 13th Ed. by Kerin & Peterson. No PLAGIRISM!

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