The Impact of Creating a New Coordinating Position Between the CEO and the Location Managers at Sandwich Blitz, Inc.


This week’s Assignment consists of reading a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc., and creating a memo from Lei to Dalman, based on four guiding questions.

Click on the Video icon to sit in on a Discussion that Dalman and Lei are having about ways to grow and expand the business. Then select the Rubric icon to read all the requirements for this week’s Assignment.

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This Assignment addresses the following unit outcomes:

Identify characteristics of vertical and horizontal organizational structures.
Distinguish between levels of authority in an organization.
Discuss delegation.



From: Lei

To: Dalman

RE: The Impact of Creating a New Coordinating Position Between the CEO and the Location Managers at Sandwich Blitz, Inc.

Date: August 25, 2016.

Creating a new coordinating position between the CEO and the local managers will go a long way in promoting growth and expansion at Sandwich Blitz, Inc. It will encourage synergy between the managers and the company executives by merging the needs and concerns of local managers with the mission and vision of the CEO and by extension, with that of the organization (Child, 1972). This move will also enhance accountability within the organization as the new coordinating manager will be able to introduce total quality management practices that will standardize operations in a manner that allows for the creation of new shops. A PAPER LIKE THIS NOW

The best option to fill the proposed position of the coordinating manager would not be to promote a current local manager but rather, to outsource talent and hire a new individual. Promoting one of the local managers will create strife as all the other managers will be envious and feel that they deserved the promotion too. It would be advisable to hire a new individual who has experience in a coordinating capacity of an organization as well as a proven track record of success in his/her area of expertise (Mirrlees, 1976).

The decision to create a new a new position of a coordinating manager between the CEO and the local managers is one that would best be made by the CEO in conjunction with the board of directors of this company. These individuals are best suited to make decisions as they are impartial. That is, they have no vested interests in the position unlike the local managers. Moreover, have the best interests of the organization at heart. Finally, they should be allowed to handle these decisions because they are more conversant with the organization’s vision and mission than anyone else within the organization; Thus, are highly likely to hire an individual who would best further them (Sliwka, 2001).

If the new position is created, Sandwich Blitz Inc. will need to make some change to its existing levels of authority. Instead of retaining its conventional three-tier system comprising upper level, middle level and lower level management levels, It will need to have a coordinating manager between the top level management encompassing the CFOs (chief financial officers), CEOs (chief executive officers), shareholders, board of directors and the middle-level management comprising local managers.


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