The meaning of manifest destiny

Unit 7 – The Meaning of Manifest Destiny For this activity, you will look at the controversy surrounding Manifest Destiny in the 1840s. This discussion should to help you understand the motives and arguments for and against Manifest Destiny and help you better understand the impact of Manifest Destiny on sectional conflicts in antebellum America by looking at what the Mexicans and the Americans had to say about the subject. (Meets Course Learning Objectives 1, 4, and 8). Readings History in the Making, Chapter 14 Prelude to War: Manifest Destiny: John O’Sullivan, “Annexation,” 1845:’Sullivan,%20On%20Manifest%20Destiny.pdf José Joaquin de Herrera’s Proclamation, 1845: Francisco Mejia’s Proclamation, 1846: James K. Polk’s Request for War with Mexico, 1846: Representative Abraham Lincoln Disagrees with President Polk, 1848 Focus Questions What did Manifest Destiny mean to Americans in the nineteenth century? Was Polk right or wrong in his position that the disputed territory in Texas should belong to the United States? What factors contributed to his view? How did the Mexican government respond to the American position on Texas? Why did Lincoln oppose Polk’s position? What factors contributed to his view? What positive and negative consequences do you see coming from Manifest Destiny before and after the Civil War? ********YOU MAY ONLY USE THE SOURCES LISTED ABOVE. FOR ANY REASON YOU CAN NOT OPEN THOSE SOURCES LET ME KNOW SO I CAN PROVIDE ANOTHER LINK TO THEM**** THIS MUST BE 3 PARAGRPAHS LONG ADDRESSING THE FOCUS QUESTIONS

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