The Whistleblower”

Directions: Address the issue of being a “wistleblower” as presented below. “The Whistle blower”- An ethical dilemma addresses the ongoing and well-known Toyota product recall situation. The focus is on a former Toyota corporate attorney, Diminutions Bill er.

1. View the following articles and videos:

“Was Toyota Bragging When it Saved $100 Million in Recall?”
U.S. launches criminal probe into Toyota safety
2. Summarize the facts and ethical dilemma. Answer the following:

If you were in a situation similar to Diminutions Bill er, would you be willing to “blow the whistle” on your corporate employer? Why or Why not?
There are numerous state and federal laws designed to protect whistle-blowers from corporate/employer retaliation. In your reasoned opinion, are such safeguards adequate to protect whistle-blowers? Why or why not? do some quick research and identify some of these federal laws.

Make sure to: Include some reference(s) to the legal protections (either through citing to court decisions or statutes that provide protection for whistle blowers. Is this protection adequate? Is it changing? you might have to do a brief internet search for this part of the assignment.

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