Todays Art

Give a two paragraph (minimum) analysis and interpretation of Hannah Wilke’s S.O.S. Starification Object Series, 1974-1982

Review Robert Colescott’s George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware: Page from American History, 1975. Remember that this was created around ten years after the Civil Rights Movement. Do you agree with the artist’s method of reinventing a classic historical image and incorporating racial stereotypes? Do you find this work insulting or demeaning, or successful and revolutionary? Why? Answer this essay with a minimum of two paragraphs.

From Sol Le Witt’s 1 3 5 7 9 11, 1994-1996 to Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, 1973-1976 to Faith Ringgold’s The Flag is Bleeding, 1967.  What do the different images say about Modern art to you?  How would you describe Modern art to a student starting this class with no past experience in art history? (75-150 Words)


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