Topic 1 Discussion 2 Response

Implementing a quality change in healthcare organizations helps in improving the quality of care and safety. Besides, changes can also have an impact on the organization financially. If quality changes are implemented in the right way, a hospital gets an opportunity to enhance its revenues due to the reduction of waste. You have succinctly analyzed the New York Presbyterian regional health system that invested in quality changes and managed to make savings of $300,000,000 from 2012 to 2017 (Ramos Hegwer, 2018). It points out to the impact of effectively implementing a quality change in a healthcare system. It is important to incorporate all the stakeholders in the change process. The leadership of healthcare organizations should gather information from the patients, community members, and staff to establish areas that need changes. The leadership and management of the hospital should also use stakeholders to develop initiatives that are implemented to effect the changes. New York Presbyterian has managed to implement change initiatives that have helped in optimizing its labor force. The initiative was meant to improve managers’ workforce management decisions. The changes implemented have resulted in a positive ROI.


Ramos Hegwer, L. (2018, August). New york-presbyterian curbs costs with a structured redesign approach. hfma.

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