Topic 3 DQ 1 Response

Lewin’s change management model, Kotter’s change management model, and ADKAR change management model, have various similarities that contribute to their characteristics as good change models. The models have steps to follow to succeed in the change process. The typical steps in the models include the preparation stage, actual change implementation, and fossilization of the change (Udod & Wagner, 2018). The preparation stage involves gathering the requisite resources and communicating the need for change to the stakeholders. Preparation is vital because it sets a foundation for successful change implementation (Alaimo, 2022). After all the stakeholders have understood the need for change, the models then provide for the actual change implementation process. For example, hospitals may install handwashing stations to encourage sanitization before and after attending to patients. After implementation, the change has to be made a culture of the organization to be sustained.


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