Unit V PowerPoint Presentation

InstructionsMotivation and InclusionFor your assignment, you will create a professional PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that focuses on motivation and inclusion in the workplace.The charge is to build a PowerPoint presentation that supports the characteristics of motivation and inclusion in today’s workplace. Include the following:Identify the role of motivation and inclusion in the workplace.Explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applies to the workplace.Explain how leaders can leverage employee motivation to improve performance.Include examples from your own life and research to support your ideas.Your completed PowerPoint should be a minimum of seven slides in length. Please note that a title and conclusion slide will not count towards this minimum. Include a minimum of two outside sources to support your ideas, and fully explain your slides in the notes section. Additional tips are provided below:Organization: just like in a research paper, the content should have a (clear) beginning, middle, and end, and formatted as a title slide, content, references.Background color: do not distract readers with busy background themes and patterns that take away from the content of the presentation.Text: use consistent fonts in the presentation, large enough to read and in a clear style.Images: relate the images directly to the text and include only relevant information.Visual clarity: dark backgrounds and visual images are difficult to view, read, print, and interpret

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