unjustified police brutality

Assignment Guidelines: The rough draft of your essay should be at least 500 words in length and contain an introduction, a brief summary of the article you are analyzing, an analysis of the article’s argument, and a conclusion. Here are some questions to help you think about each required area for the essay: 1. What is the topic of the article and why is it controversial? In your introduction, identify the topic of the article and explain why it is controversial. Be sure to include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. In your thesis, share your finding of whether the article is effective or ineffective. Remember, your essay shares your opinion about the effectiveness of the article. Whether or not you agree with the author is not a consideration and should not be addressed in your analysis. 2. What does the author of the article say about the topic? Next, provide a short summary of the article’s argument to prepare readers for your analysis. Use this APA Citation Helper for assistance in correctly citing this article. 3. How does the author say it? Analyze the argument using the criteria listed below. Your analysis should support the claims you make in your thesis statement. In this section, explain why the article was effective or ineffective and offer examples from the article to support your view. •Discuss the credibility of the author. Make sure that the author is qualified to speak on the topic he or she addresses in the article or at least uses credible sources. Consider the context of the article. Does the author benefit if readers believe what he or she says? •Discuss the logic of the argument the author makes. Explain whether the evidence used actually proves the point the author is trying to make. •Discuss the author’s appeal to the reader’s emotions. Do readers feel manipulated by emotion, or are their feelings engaged appropriately?

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