US Efforts

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U.S. Efforts to Counter Violent Extremism

This assignment has 2 individual portions. The first portion of this assignment is to revise your Phase 4 Individual Project. You must utilize your instructor feedback and any additional information that you have discovered since you first submitted the assignment for grading.

The second portion is to address the following:

Dr. Raphael Sagarin, a marine biologist, writes about natural security systems and considers how they can be applied to analysis and practice in human society. Your assignment this week is to write a strategy memo applying two of the concepts that he identifies as occurring in the natural world and describe how you would use these concepts to improve an element of Homeland Security. Your analysis should include reference to Dr. Sagarin’s paper as well as any additional research you need to conduct to support your claims. It should be 800–1,250 words in length.

Dr. Sagarin’s Paper


Sagarin, R. (2010). Natural security for a variable and risk-filled world. Homeland Security Affairs, 6(3). Retrieved from

Assignment Guidelines

Read through Dr. Sagarin’s article titled Natural Security for a Variable and Risk-Filled World.It can be accessed through the link contained within the reference above or by using a search engine and a search query of the full article title.
Address the following in a strategy memo of 800–1,250 words:Select 2 concepts examined by Dr. Sagarin, and summarize them in your own words.Be sure to use in-text APA citations whenever necessary.
How could the U.S. apply the selected concepts to improve their own homeland security systems? Explain and be specific.
How could these concepts have been applied to recent terrorist attacks or natural disasters? Explain.
What has been learned from recent responses to homeland security threats? Explain.How have those lessons been implemented, if at all? Explain.

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