Wellness is made up of seven dimensions: 1) Physical; 2) Social; 3) Occupational; 4) Spiritual; 5) Environment; 6) Intellectual; 7) Emotional.  To get a better understanding of your level of wellness in each of these dimensions you will go http://www.livewellwithmel.com/7-dimensions-wellness/ and under each dimension you will take a short assessment.  After receiving your results for each dimension you will write a full three-page paper (it must be double-spaced in 12-size Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins) that outlines the following:
1. Contain a cover page with your name, the course, and date (10 points). This is NOT included in the three-page requirement.
2. One paragraph on how you view your overall level of wellness (20 points).
3. One paragraph on each of the dimensions of wellness and how you view your results (20 points per paragraph).  Why do you feel that particular dimension is where it is?  If needed, what could you do to improve it?  This is your wellness, so there is no “right or wrong” answer; just an opportunity to think about where you stand in each of your wellness dimensions.
Grammar and spelling are worth 10 points, meeting the page requirement is worth 10 points and using the correct spacing, font, and margin are worth 10 points.

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