Women and Gender Studies

  Challenges faced by women due to their sexuality

Sexuality is a very broad topic focusing on how an individual experience and expresses themselves sexually. In Hong Kong, prostitution is legalized. This speaks loads about sexuality in Hong Kong. Prostitution mainly affects women detrimentally.  Prostitution is an industry that is growing at a very fast rate (Noltensmeyer, 2015, p124). This is because the services offered mainly target the tourism industry.  The brothels are registered and taxation is also involved. In this paper, I shall discuss in depth the challenges that women in Hong Kong face based on their sexuality.


The physical health of the women who participate in prostitution is at a risk. For instance, the women could be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, gonorrhea and many more.HIV and AIDS is a huge pandemic in the world and equally in Hong Kong. These diseases are continuously spread from person to person hence in the prostitution industry; there are so many sick people. These diseases lead people, especially women to their death bed. The women, who are heavily invested in this industry, suffer so many costs as they seek medication for these diseases. Moreover, the street sexual workers are also infected by some cold diseases because they work in the wee hours of the night dressed up scantly (Noltensmeyer, 2015, p124).  They may acquire diseases that would affect their respiratory system. This reduces their life expectancy.

The women suffer psychologically and mentally. For instance due to sexuality aspect of prostitution, there have been an increase in the number of unwanted pregnancies. There has been a noted increase in the prevalence of pregnancies among young ladies aged 18-27 years. Most of them end up in abortion clinics to terminate the pregnancies since they did not expect to get pregnant. By doing this some may be rendered infertile in their lifetime. Some women die from excessive blood loss during abortion. Most of them are mentally traumatized for the actions they took. Others end up abandoning their children that they got without plans (Hartmann et al, 2020, p302). This could be due financial challenges in raising their kids. Most people in Hong Kong are open about sexuality hence they participate in pre-marital sex and prostitution.

Some women are coerced to participate in some sexual activities like prostitution. For instance, women who are financially disadvantaged could find themselves becoming prostitutes. This is not because they want to be prostitutes, but because their prevailing conditions force them to be prostitutes. Since they have to meet their financial needs they therefore find themselves doing work in brothels or massage parlors and night clubs whereby their sexuality is taken advantage of. These women might not be in peace in their minds but their situations force them into such businesses. Some other people do sex trafficking whereby young women from other countries are lured into China by promising them lucrative jobs. When they arrive they are just used as prostitutes. This is not what they expected but to lead a livelihood in a new country they are forced into prostitution. When they try to quit they face threats like their pictures and videos being exposed. This forces them to remain in the business unwillingly (Hartmann et al, 2020, p302). Clearly, some situations force women into these businesses that take advantage of their sexuality.

Women get a lot of disrespect due to their sexuality. You will find out that the prostitutes will be abused and disrespected. They are called names due to the nature of work they do. Some people will call them greedy for money since they use their bodies to get money. They are called ‘gold diggers’. Some other people find them to be low class (Hartmann et al, 2020, p302). This is really utter disrespect to an individual. Everyone has a right to choose the work they want to do. Therefore, the sex workers suffer humiliation and a lot of contempt due to the nature of their work. The general public makes the sex workers to live with guilt for the work they do. They become mentally disturbed.

The women working in as sex workers might have in adequate privacy. In the prostitution industries, there are various venues for works e.g. massage parlors, hotel rooms, brothels, night clubs and one woman brothel. For instance those that work in one woman brothels are expected to use their apartments for work. This would really affect their personal space since they would be having new clients each time. The women sex workers also are threatened if they do not meet the needs of their clients. Since the clients have access to their apartments, they can come in at any time hence interfering with their privacy.

Women are easily manipulated due to their sexuality (Lipka, 2017, p96). For instance, some men just pay women in order to sleep with them. They use money as a charm of taking advantage of the women. The women who work in night clubs are just paid very little in commission in exchange for huge amounts of money for their employers. For instance, the ones who work in night clubs are used to convince the clients to buy expensive drinks from the clubs. They also pay bar fine and also time fine. All these large amounts of money are paid to the club owners not these women who serve the clients. The women are just used as baits to make money since they are just paid stipends that are so insufficient (Lipka, 2017, p96). Other women are manipulated to work without pay on threats of exposing their dirty images and videos to the public. This is utter manipulation due to ones sexuality.

In conclusion, many women in Hong Kong are suffering each day due to their sexuality. The women are manipulated, abused and disrespected. The women also acquire some diseases due to their sexual behaviors. Others have psychological issues due to the choices they make due to sexuality.


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