” World Class” International Student

1. Goal Setting a. Setting your goal(s), i.e., major, time to graduation, GPA b. Strengthening and clarifying your commitment to your goal(s) c. Setting up a “Road Map”—a plan to guide you over the next years to graduation d. Understanding the essence of your field of study 2. Community building a. Developing relationships, and making effective use of your peers b. Participating in co-curricular activities 3. Academic development a. Your command of English b. Navigating the university system, resources and academic advising c. Understanding teaching styles and learning styles and how to make the teaching/learning process work for you. 4. Personal development a. Enhancing your self-awareness and improving your skills to practice academic success strategies b. Outlining what attitudes and behaviors you need to change/add to be successful c. Managing time and tasks d. Engaging in good health and wellness practices including management of stress e. Developing a high sense of personal and professional integrity and ethical behavior f. Managing your money Deliverable:Describe your plan in a 10-12 page report

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