Write a blog post (that is, a short informal opinion essay) on organizational life where you draw on your own experiences (things that you have observed or experienced first hand

Give your text a catchy, illustrative title 2) Keep in mind this is a short text. Focus on one or two ideas and engage with it/them in detail. The maximum word limit 1000 words. 3) Be sure to engage directly with a reading or some readings from the lectures and seminars 3 (on bureaucracy and post-bureaucracy), 4 (on technology), 5 (on individual at work) or 6 (on groups and teams). See the list below. You are free and encouraged to draw on other texts, you may find the suggestions for supplementary readings helpful. 4) Use in-text references where appropriate and list all your sources in a List of References at the end, using the Harvard referencing style. You must engage with (that is, not just refer to the text in passing) with at least one of the following readings: • King and Lawley, Chapter 2 ( pp. 56-58); Chapter 4 (pp. 89-108); Jaffee (2008) • Bratton 2015, chapter 16 (on Moodle); The Oticon Case (on Moodle); • Foss (2003) • King&Lawley, Chapter 8 & 9; Ashforth et al (2008); • Gardner (1992) King and Lawley, Chapter 6; Knights and McCabe (2000)

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