Argumentative Essay


you may use the pre-planning handout attached to help you with writing the proposal.

+ include an explanation of the problem
+ explain why it is important to you
+ explain who your audience is
+ explain what part of the problem you are targeting
+ explain your possible solution(s) or your targeted part of a larger solution (remember that the final essay can contain ONLY ONE)
+ discuss some of the major controversies surrounding your solution(s) and how you plan to address them in your paper


Argumentative Essay Topic on Gun Violence

The issues surrounding gun violence face many controversies around the world, especially in America where the widespread availability of firearms allows people to access them easily. This phenomenon has consequently resulted in tragic and avoidable losses. These lost human lives make this problem important to me because I am a passionate believer in fundamental human rights. I hate seeing people dying because of recklessness. Therefore, my audience includes policymakers, law enforcement as well as the general public as they are all responsible for ensuring that all the communities are safe for everyone.


The central part of the issue lies in gun control laws, particularly in the United States of America where people have already witnessed devastating mass shootings in public institutions, restaurants, and other recreational facilities. In most cases, gun violence perpetrators are either adolescents or adults from both sides of the racial divide. Furthermore, the problem is so complex that the country is currently divided over the best measures that can aid in addressing gun violence. The possible solution to the issue is a complete ban on private gun ownership allowing only the army and law enforcement to use them. Those who keep guns for their protection can use technological innovations, such as panic buttons to send signals to the authorities whenever they are in danger.

Unfortunately, this solution is surrounded in a major controversy, because the proposed solution aims at banning gun access.  However, to many this violates second amendment. Therefore, some people say that as Americans are obedient and law-abiding, limiting their access to guns infringes upon their rights. Additionally, others postulate that such regulated measures would benefit criminals as innocent people will no longer be able to defend themselves. Addressing these controversies will require public sensitization and better alternatives to guns as a mean of protection. For instance, developing a sophisctaed technology to keep improve panic buttons, proximity alarms, non-lethal weapons and more.

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