A Change Management Plan

A change management plan is a process that a business should follow to implement
changes to be done in the organization. The plan is used for complex organizational changes that
require a strategic approach. A change management plan for finding and retaining labor during
the covid-1p pandemic requires scope, time, and cost project preferences. Changes brought about
by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as changes in the supply of goods and retrenching of labor, can
be managed by ensuring that there is still a flow of goods and services in the market even if the
flow of the goods is not that stable.
Changes in deploying skilled labor can be managed by ensuring that all employees
employed in a specific business or organization have the required job skills and competencies.
For an organization to implement a change such as the changes in supply due to covid-19, the
organization should first be prepared for the change. The manager of the organization or the
business should help the employees understand what has led to the need for supply chain
changes and the deployment of some workers or laborers. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 supply
chain has been affected.

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Many changes in supply have been as a result of the pandemic. This change management
plan will also show the interaction of the businesses with customers in the changes in the supply of
goods and services. The customers should be well conversant and told what has led to the supply
of goods and services changes. Changes in finding and retaining skilled labor due to the covid-19
pandemic must also be incorporated into the change management plan. The method of
implementing the changes should be well-defined. The stakeholders who are the employees of a
specific business have to be identified in the change management team. The benefits of the
changes would be high-quality products due to the hiring of skilled labor and an easy flow of goods
and services to customers as a result of implementing changes in supply.
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