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Student Writing Versus Professional Writing: The Main Differences Between Them

There is a difference between student writing and professional writing. However, our academic essay writing services offer academic help to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This article aims to discuss the main differences between the two.


Student writing

Students’ writing is diverse with many courses and disciplines but the approach is almost similar. Undergraduate writing takes a particular form because of the situations they write in and for. Regardless of all these factors, it is written:

  • As an assignment
  • Within a short time frame
  • To show you have deep knowledge and understanding of a particular subject
  • To an audience who mostly are teachers
  • To evaluate the students and grades are rewarded

These features determine the methods, the standards for writing as well as the stakes. Undergraduate students have a way of writing efficiently and under pressure given the time limits. Students can write a page or two of their assignments in an hour, which is considered pretty fast in professional writing. Their writing strategies include working from a draft to the final copy with revision or editing done on the assignment depends on its complexity and time factor. If not much time is left to write a quality and error-free essay, turn to academic essay writing services for help. Within three hours, your assignment will be ready.

In academic writing, there is no slow/ fast or easy /difficult writing. Motivation and standards determine the writing experience. For example, students consider their writing easy and fast when the motivation to complete low standard assignments is high. On the other hand, the process may be considered slow and difficult because the motivation is low but the assignments standards are very high.


Motivations and standards are crucial determinants of a writer’s productivity, especially when working on long and time-consuming projects like a dissertation. High school and college students work on their draft in an hour and do the final copy in another hour with no change in motivation and standards. But when working on a dissertation, your motivation to complete the project can be extremely high but the motivation to work on your project on a particular day be very low. Also, the standards of a particular chapter may be low calling for further revisions but the final copy is of the highest standards.

Completing one assignment amidst of other pending assignments is a daunting task for students. For this reason, they have no time for a second thought that can lead to a need for thorough revision but improve on their final copy. They follow the original plan/ outline or choose to follow a particular strategy that they discover as they write their work. However, motivation to rewrite their assignments during revisions is very low and they opt to deliver low standard papers. Revising, proofreading, and editing your assignment before the submission is very important. Get a professional editor from our academic essay writing services. Alternatively, our writers will write an error-free essay at a small fee.

 Even with limited time and defined deadlines, students tend to postpone working on their work till the last time and pressure to complete is too much.

 The standards of students writing are low as its purpose is focused on a particular goal which is to score good grades and pass exams. After submission and grading, the assignment has no other purpose.

It’s typical for college students to think that their writing skills and strategies will work in their favor in their postgraduate classes. Only a few are aware that there will be a big change in how they used to do their writing. These strategies and processes don’t apply to postgraduate studies. For more information and help with your college assignments, seek quality and reliable academic essay writing services from

Features of professional academic writing

Professional academic writing also referred to as scholarly writing, can either be formal or informal. There are different types of professional writing and they take many forms. Doctoral students produce manuscripts that are later publicized.  This writing:

  • Seeks to present research findings, arguments in a given field under inquiry
  • Long time frame which can last up to 9 months or more
  • Target audience is scholars and research specialist in the field
  • The author aims at getting professional recognition, credentials, and satisfaction.


Like in student writing, these features influence the methods, stakes, and standards of the work. The manuscripts undergo a rigorous process of researching, writing, evaluation, and extensive revisions and they are graded pass/ fail or revise and then resubmit. To have your manuscripts publicized, it must the motive and standards must be very high and this cannot be achieved within a short time and with speed.

Scholarly work is a social endeavor as success is attributed to several actors.  For example in life sciences, you will find that a publication is a finished work of several authors but even if it’s individually done like in humanities, other scholars, reviewers, and editors greatly contribute to the publication.  It is not personal like it is for student’s assignments.

Professional writers do not pay less attention to solitary, creativity, and brilliant utterance to produce their work.  They understand that low standards at the initial stages of their project results to the high standard manuscript. As for the motivation, it is maintained on consistent relatively high levels especially during the set time that is purely devoted to the project. During this time, all energy, attention is focused on the project with no distraction.

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