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 What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of drawing ideas from someone else work and posing it like your own by failing to cite the sources or inadequately cite the source.   For every source you rely on during your research the author must be credited, may it be a web source, printed source, or even a fellow student’s work. Whenever you fail to follow this general rule in academic writings, it will be considered stealing.


You must keep track of every source of your information to ensure your final copy have all the details of the particular sources properly cited. Both intentional and unintentional plagiarism should be avoided as the consequences are dire.  It is possible to deliver a clean paper that is plagiarism-free. At we train and guide students on how to write original content for every paper they submit through our coursework Help program. You only need to signup to our website and get all the assistance you need; our services are efficient and cheap.

 This article aims to help you understand and know all about plagiarism so you can avoid it. Plagiarism takes different forms hence the reason for intentional or unintentional plagiarism. The different forms of plagiarism are discussed below; keenly study each and remember that these guidelines and the most professional Coursework Help can only be found from

Verbatim plagiarism

This is the most familiar form of plagiarism where one decides to copy someone’s work word by word and paste in their work. Alternatively, they can have their ideas but place them around a text they have directly copied from a source. For effective writing, this should never happen, you must credit the author. You should quote or paraphrase the source material and ensure proper citation of the source. If you experience difficulty with paraphrasing and quoting, our Coursework Help team is available 24/7 to solve your problem and even write all your papers. We are known for 100% original customized research papers and timely delivery.

Mosaic Plagiarism

This entails copy-pasting a text from a source and only changing some words here and there. It’s not like verbatim where its word by word.  This can be avoided by keeping track of every source and correctly citing the source of each material. You should also put a clear distinction between your ideas/language and that of the source. This can also be confusing to your reader.

Inadequately paraphrasing the material

To avoid plagiarism, it’s expected that for every idea you get from a source it’s completely paraphrased. Paraphrasing means to use your own words and language/voice to represent the original ideas without altering the meaning.  Your wording, sentence structure/voice should not be in any way close to the source. If there is a need to use the exact words as used by the author, then you must provide a quotation and citation.

Failing to cite any paraphrased word/phrase/text

Always keep in mind for every work that you paraphrase is not your work. They are ideas and thoughts of another author and need accreditation.  Paraphrasing only means you appreciate their work because of the influence on your thoughts. Therefore, provide a clear citation that can help your reader trace the source of your ideas.

Failing to cite quotations

As the citation of any paraphrased work, use of quotation marks to show your reader that the idea is from another source but not your idea is not enough. Besides the quotation marks, make sure you cite the source and authors’ information properly to help your reader identify the source of your thoughts/ideas.

Using a colleague’s work/ideas

It will be a case of plagiarism if you assume that you can use your course mates’ ideas to write your paper. The same way you quoted/ paraphrased other authors’ ideas should be the case. Some courses may require you to hold discussions, but this doesn’t nullify the rule of writing original content since you will have to do the writing and some calculations for mathematics and science disciplines independently. For any uncertainty on whether to discuss the assignment in class, it will be prudent to ask your professor.


I believe you have a clear picture of what plagiarism is and you will avoid any form in your next assignment.  If you have a concern regarding any form, the most reliable online writing service provider is We believe in delivering exceptional Coursework Help to every student who seeks help from us. This has earned us trust from students all over and for this reason, we continuously train our writers, customer care team to maintain the highest standard of our papers.

In addition to observing the above guidelines, consider the following for an effective and plagiarism-free paper;

Avoid source misinterpretation

For every source, you use in your paper, make sure that every idea is clear and accurate.  Don’t quote or paraphrase something that is not from the original author.  If you must apply a certain source in your work but you can’t clearly understand the context, please consult Mycoursework help .com Coursework Help department. Failing to understand a source properly will affect how you differentiate your ideas and the ideas from the source.

Consider every source

It is possible to encounter a source that would be of great value to your paper when you are almost done with the final copy of your paper is ready for submission. Most students will ignore it.  For the many years, we have been in the industry, we have always advised students to never ignore it. If you can’t write everything about it due to some reasons such as time constraints, consider using footnotes and explain the time you discovered the source and how it is important to your work.

Don’t present one paper for different assignments or class

Some might argue that it is not a big deal if they do present a paper they had written in another class because the assignments somehow appear similar. This is not acceptable. For every assignment, produce an original paper with unique ideas.

Common knowledge

In all disciplines, there is what is referred to be common knowledge, its not someone’s ideas, opinions, or thoughts as they are facts known to every scholar and this mostly applies to sciences. In such a scenario, you don’t have to go quote, paraphrase, or provide a citation.  If you are unable to determine if an idea is an opinion of an author or common knowledge in your discipline the place to get clarification is


Plagiarism is treated as a criminal act in academic writing and no student should present plagiarized work at any time. Always endeavor to submit unique and original content to not only effectively present your ideas, but also earn good grades. If for any reason you can’t do it, is a home of professional writers mandated to offer Coursework Help in all disciplines and levels. They offer consultation, editing, and proofreading and writing services. All our services are of the highest quality and offered professionally to guarantee plagiarism free custom papers. To enjoy our services, you only need to sign up for our website, our Facebook page, or click the ORDER NOW button. Academic writing made easier with

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