College Application Essay

Title: Personal statement

In today’s era of globalization, the entire world is being subjected to profound transformation. Nations have to look beyond their national borders and reach out to the international market (Edwards & Rees, 2006). Similarly, they have to establish human resource strategies that are a reflection of an increasingly globalized world. After observing this trend of globalization for a long time, I have realized that my career aspirations are in the field of human resources. In this personal statement, I highlight my academic experiences and future goals. I also indicate the ways in which they relate to the field of human resources.


            My greatest opportunity to appreciate the importance of human resource management to a company came when I was on a work placement in high school. The placement was part of the requirement for a business studies course. During this high school placement, I worked at a multinational computer corporation for three weeks. I was assigned to work within the human resource department. At first I was dejected because I had hoped to work closely with the top executives of the company.

I understood what human resource was but I did not understand many things regarding the activities and responsibilities of the human resources department. Within only five days, it dawned on me the sheer scale of the responsibilities and activities of the human resources team of the corporation. The team was tasked with the role of managing a workforce of about 3,500 employees within just one station.

            Immediately after the end of the placement, I decided that human resources management would form the basis of my Advanced-Level studies. At this level, I chose to focus a great deal on business studies, economics, and mathematics. I obtained excellent grades in these three subjects. Upon joining college, I was always interested in applying for the limited working opportunities that came my way in order to add on the work experience I had obtained during high school.

            Finally, my next great opportunity came in the form of a one-month work experience placement. I was assigned to work at one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies.  This work experience opened my eyes even further. I got used to working with a diverse workforce. My greatest moment came when I realized the enormity of tasks that large human resources teams have to undertake for the companies that they work for in order to achieve long-term success.

My future career goal is to work in a large corporation as a human resources manager. To achieve this goal, I know that I need to have a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. My academic background and work experience put me in a position where the best way forward is to pursue a bachelor’s degree. This is what has informed my decision to apply for a place as an undergraduate human resources management course in this university.

I promise to use the knowledge acquired in this course in the pursuit of the exciting opportunities to be found in the field of human resources management. The skills that I will have acquired will enable me to pursue this career in either the public or private sector. I appreciate the fact that the choice between the public and private sectors will depend on the availability of a job opportunity. In the meantime, I remain ambitious and focused on pursuing a rewarding career in the area of human resources.


Edwards, T. & Rees, C. (2006). International Human Resource Management: Globalization, National Systems & Multinational Companies. Boston: Pearson Education.

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