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Write a scholarly 3- to 4-page paper comparing two nursing informatics pioneers. Synthesize your thoughts using the bullets below as a guide:
• What are the professional accomplishments of each individual?
• How have their contributions influenced nursing practice?
• How have their contributions shaped the field of nursing informatics?
• What lessons can you take away from their experiences?
• What skills or ideas demonstrated by these leaders might you apply to your professional practice?
The 2 informatics pioneers are Dr. Virginia Saba and Kathleen M. Hunter

Will upload 2 articles on the 2 pioneers listed.

The paper should be written using the following headings:
Introduction (the aim of the paper should be included here)
Professional Accomplishments (the accomplishment of each individual should be written here)
How their contributions shaped nursing informatics
Lessons taken from their experiences
Applicable skills or idea to professional practice
References to the articles have been included below ( plus you will need to add 4 more)

Hunter, K. M. (2014). Computer Nurse to Informatics Innovator: Reflections of a Pioneer. Online Journal Of Nursing Informatics, 18(2), 1.
Skiba, D. (2009). Gold Award recipient podcast from Dr. Virginia Saba. Online Journal Of Nursing Informatics, 13(2), 7p.



Introduction. 2

Professional Accomplishments. 2

How Their Contribution Shaped Nursing Informatics. 3

Lessons Taken From Their Experience. 4

Applicable Skills and Ideas to Professional Practice. 4

Conclusion. 5

References. 6

Comparing Two Nursing Informatics Pioneers


            The nursing profession has continued to experience change as scientists and nurses team up to improve nursing care delivery. The influx of different technologies in the medical field in general and the nursing field, in particular, has led to the rise of nursing informatics. Information technology allows access to decision support systems and knowledge (Bakken, 1995). This specialty integrates nursing science with multiple analytical sciences as well as information management with the aim of recognizing, defining, and communicating information and data in nursing practice. As McGonigle (2014) posits, nursing informatics is an exciting nursing specialty that affects patient outcomes, strategic planning, and inter-professional collaboration. Various nurses have won recognition for their immense contributions to the nursing field. Two of these professionals include Kathleen Hunter and Dr. Virginia Saba. In this paper, the research will compare both pioneers’ professional accomplishments and how their contributions shaped the field of nursing informatics.


Professional Accomplishments

            Dr. Virginia Saba’s professional accomplishments can be summed up through her remarkable career in healthcare information technology and informatics. She has established and spearheaded the incorporation of computer technology in the nursing field both nationally and internationally.According to (n.d), Saba is famed for her contributions in the development of the clinical care classification system, lecturing on nursing informatics across numerous platforms, promoted the recognition of nursing informatics by the American Nurses Association. She also instituted early school programs on the specialty Saba has received numerous awards such as the Saba Award and the American Academy of Nursing Living Legend Award. In recognition of her contribution to nursing practice, the American Medical Informatics Association awards professionals with exemplary practices and principles and a substantial record to the nursing informatics field (Columbia University School of Nursing, 2006).

            On her part, Kathleen Hunter’s contribution is evident from her stint as the American Nurses Association’s senior policy fellow for research and databases where she supported in the identification of data sets and nomenclatures that maintained clinical nursing practice. She also volunteered to promote computer-driven patient records. In addition, Hunter (2014) took part as an informal advisor in federal government groups that focused on standards of informatics technical and telehealth.

How Their Contribution Shaped Nursing Informatics

            Dr. Saba’s and Hunter’s contributions to the nursing informatics specialty will never be forgotten. For instance, Saba led the nursing informatics movement, set off innovative scholarly computer technology programs, initiated numerous information systems for diverse health care settings and endorsed distant education technologies(Skiba, 2009). In addition, she remains an ardent advocate for nurses and the recognition of the contribution of nurses in the application of electronic health systems. She also serves as a nursing informatics consultants and has lectured on the specialty in many local and international forums. Hunter, on the other hand, was instrumental in the formulation of informatics technical standards. She also wrote several documents that led to the establishment of nursing informatics as a specialty. She also chose a taskforce and oversaw the establishment of the scope of practice for the nursing informatics. Hunter also pushed for the use of inclusionary language and adoption of the term health care informatics.

Lessons Taken From Their Experience

            One can take home various lessonsfrom their experience. First, it is important for people to think outside their professional box so that they can discover new solutions that would ease and improve service delivery amongst nurses. For instance, Hunter was able to learn and innovate from the installed dumb terminals in a trauma unit by observing and looking at ways to improve them to enhance patient care. Another lesson learned is that one does not need to be an IT expert for him/her to bring about technological change. One only needs to be driven by the need to bring about the much needed change.


Applicable Skills and Ideas to Professional Practice

            Apart from their ordinary nursing skills demonstrated by their nursing practice, the pioneers demonstratedtremendous problem-solving skills. Not only did the two pioneers love what they do (nursing), they also looked for new ways to ease their work. They were also self-confident of their abilities. Despite their prior limited knowledge on computer technology, the two were able to integrate computer technologies to the nursing field. Hunter and Saba also demonstrate good leadership skills and were willing to learn that helped them direct the recognition and development of the nursing informatics field. In addition, they exhibited excellent team work. Harnessingmy skills to include some of these competencies will go a long way in helping me to contribute positively to the nursing profession and most of all to the patients whom I will be serving.


            To conclude, nursing informatics remains a major area of improvement in the nursing field. Nursing informatics can be used to find data trends, track patient health outcomes, and assess interventions and nurse workloads. Dr. Saba’s and Hunter’s contributions remain imprinted in the nursing informatics specialty. Both professionals advocated for the recognition of nursing informatics in their different capacities. They should be emulated by contemporary nursing experts who are striving to bring about change in the nursing fraternity with the aim of easing human suffering and improving health care delivery.


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