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A step-by-step guide for drafting an outstanding literature review

A literature review is an analysis of scholarly materials such as articles, journals, and books to give an overview of a study topic. It aims at providing more comprehensive details on what the author thinks about the topic from their perspective. As a scholar, you will come across several literature review assignments tasking you to dig deep to understand what fellow scholars wrote about the subject/ topic of your study for you to get an entry point into the conversation.


This article provides a step-by-step guide that will enable you to draft an outstanding literature review in your next assignment. Study it carefully to get the best out of it. In case there is a need for clarification, our writers at are available 24/7 to attend to all your queries and even provide unique professional admission essay writing services.

To begin with, most students are unable to draw a line between a literature review and an annotated bibliography. There is a clear distinction between the two. As defined earlier, a literature review is an overview of several publications on a topic, a comparison of the publications, and the evaluation of their contribution to the topic. On the other hand, an annotated bibliography is a list of all your references each followed with a paragraph that summarizes its content to show its relation to your research.  You can learn more about the differences between the two and how to write an annotated bibliography through our professional admission essay writing services.

To create a successful literature review, here are the basic components it should never miss:.

  • Publication’s description
  • Summary of the main points
  • Discussion of the gap in the research
  • Evaluation of the author’s contribution to the topic

In addition, it’s important to note that the length and number of sources to include in your literature review will be dependent on your project. This means there is also the need to consult your instructors if the length and number of sources are not indicated in the instruction segment.

With the understanding of what you should have in your paper, the next segment outlineshow to put it down on your paper by addressing the following five requirements:

  1. Define your objective
  2. Do Research
  3. Demonstrate the relevance of the texts to your study topic/Evaluation of the sources
  4. Logically develop your review
  5. Include a reference list
  6. Define your objective

Understanding the purpose of your literature review is very crucial. Different papers have different needs, for example, while an evaluation of a theory requires you to develop a hypothesis, an argumentative essay needs a thesis that is well formulated stating your position clearly. If it’s a review on several publications on a topic you are studying then you must state the purpose of your project. The purpose of your paper is the foundation of your literature review. To achieve the purpose/ goal of your assignment, it is imperative that you clearly understand the question.  You should never start researching if you are not sure of what is required of you. In such scenarios, you are never alone; is the leading provider of professional admission essay writing services. You will get an expert in your field to explain the question to you.


  • Researching

As an overview of publications on your topic, you need to review several texts that relate to your topic. Go for articles that are authored by known scholars or experts in your academic field. Make sure you include the most valid and relevant texts in your paper. To locate your sources you must explore several databases such as your college’s library catalog, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Project Muse for humanities and social sciences, Medline for life sciences, etc. This exercise can be overwhelming, and for this reason, at you get the most experienced writers who are also trained researchers. They will research on your behalf and complete the assignment for you and you can be sure that our professional admission essay writing services deliver quality, original, and unique content.

  • Demonstrate the relevance of the texts to your study topic/Evaluation of the sources

As you review the article, give a summary of the context and main points clearly showing the link to your thesis statement, project statement, or hypothesis. Demonstrate how relevant the text contributes to your research.

  • Logically develop your review

Since you are contributing to a topic that has been authored before, it’s crucial to establish how changes/developments have taken place in the field. Scholarly work involves new discoveries every other day. For this reason, start with the earliest ideas on the topic, and show how they have changed over time in the publications.

  • Include a reference list

In the body of your paper, provide citations of all the texts you have used. Be sure to include the author’s name and the year of publication. Failure to cite and incorrect citations are considered plagiarism. If you are unable to cite your sources as you write your review, seek help from Also, at the end of your literature review, create a comprehensive reference list of all the sources you cited in your work. The style you use will be determined by your subject. To familiarize yourself with the different formatting styles, sign up at, where you will learn about everything you need to write excellently.


Like any other writing assignments, you must understand the purpose and requirements of your literature review before moving on to research. During the research process, look for the most appropriate sources, and be sure to critically evaluate each by considering the author’s authority, objective, audience, publisher, date of publication, strengths, and weaknesses of their work. Also, demonstrate how each source compares with othersin discussing your topic, and how the author’s work influences your thinking on the topic.

Not every source is fit for your literature review just because it has something relating to your topic, hence the need for evaluation. To learn more about how to evaluate your sources and how to write your academic papers use our professional admission essay writing services. is the place where you find all these and more. Sign up at our website today and your writing skills will improve.

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