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File uploaded is the whole case for my course the only thing I am looking for is case number 10 so after you read it there are questions about the case please answer question number 3.


Question Three – What Training Opportunities Are Available to Sephora Employees?

Sephora employees need training on how to help shoppers identify the right beauty products. The company’s consultants should be trained on the science of the products being sold in stores and their use. There are many consultants who desire to acquire more education. The company should enroll in advanced classes. Upon completion, they can be designated to specific areas, for example, color, fragrance, and skincare. Fortunately, Sephora has already established a university as a way of addressing these training needs. This is a unique opportunity since few beauty and cosmetics companies can boast of having established such an institution. At Sephora University, the company can freely change the curriculum in order to adapt to changing market needs. Moreover, the scope of the training provided can easily be changed in response to new business practices.


Moreover, the company’s express services provide better learning opportunities for its consultants than those of competitors. The conventional set-up is one learning sessions are conducted at the shop counter. At Sephora, training is provided on the store floor. The salon-like setting provides numerous learning opportunities for both managers and consultants, thereby giving all employees full knowledge of product use and customer service. Furthermore, this training environment gives employees an opportunity to acquire skills on how to run a cosmetics company. They can use the skills in the future to perform managerial tasks at supervisory, middle and executive levels. Lastly, employees at Sephora have access to numerous on-the-job online training opportunities that are not available to competitors’ employees. Its successful online segment exposes employees to the acquisition of new skills such as ways of enhancing the online product positioning, communication with customers, and overall shopping experience.

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