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You need these writing guidelines for your MBA program

Masters in Business Administration is an advanced degree meant to equip business professionals and managers in the field with strong skills and credentials needed to lead organizations. There are several areas of specialization in MBA, they include finance, accounting, marketing, international business, and other options emerging in the information technology. The goal of every student who makes the decision to pursue this degree is to acquire specialized skills in their field to be effective in their career. Students broaden their critical thinking, problem -solving, decision-making, leadership, and communication skills which are useful tools in the world of business and management.


MBA students have a competitive advantage over others when looking for a job. Their professionalism, experience, and knowledge of business relationships and networks are what most employers look for. For this reason, it’s a very important program to enroll for and more importantly, successfully graduate with a first-class degree.

 MBA Students require strong writing skills. The ability to write effectively is evaluated on regular bases by the faculty. For example, the skill is put to test from the initial stages of the application process all through to writing a dissertation or the final thesis project.  The ability to write great papers in university also helps the student in the professional world. There is so much writing of business letters, reports, memos, proposals, manuals, proposals, etc. This article provides guidelines useful in MBA writing. Study the guide carefully and be sure to buy MBA essay from a professional if you can’t write an excellent one.

 Types of writing for MBA students

Application essays

 These are written when a student wants to join an institution of higher learning. They demonstrate the interest, qualifications, experience, motivations, purpose, skills, talents, abilities, objectives, long term and short term of the students as well as the student’s contribution to the institution as a whole, department, or class. They include; Personal statement, statement of purpose, and admission letters. The schools focus on the student’s ability to write and communicate effectively and experiences and traits that stand out for consideration. It’s important for the student to be specific in the details rather than being general to be unique. When called upon to write either of these papers,’s essay writing services are available 24/7.


These may include essay assessments that are presented to the student on the exam day. To perform well, it requires the students to fully participate in class and ensure they complete all assignments to better understand the concepts. The student ought to prepare by considering more than the basic facts on the topic from their class notes. They should critically analyze the exam questions to provide deep insights.

Also, the ability to read and interpret the question is crucial. Some students fail because they dint answer the asked question. If you are uncertain about how to answer the question, has a team of experts who are also holders of MBA ad PhDs. They will help you understand the question as well as providing you with an opportunity to buy MBA essay that is specifically written to meet your needs.


After studying the question carefully, create a thesis that answers the prompt, and an outline consisting of evidence and analysis to be discussed in the body. The outline helps the student maintain focus on the topic.

 In addition, students should learn to manage their time well during the writing process. Designate time for your introduction, body, and conclusion to allow enough time for editing and proofreading. An exam full of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wording errors will not earn you the desired marks.

Research papers

 Research papers are more complex than the exam essays.  They are long and call for extensive research on the topic. The student should be ready to consult outside sources to not only understand the topic but to relate it with other works in the field.  For research papers, deep and critical thinking is imperative. Also, each argument should be supported with reliable evidence from credible sources to convince the reader.

 These assignments use the APA format and the structure is made up of the: cover/title page, abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion.  The body of a research paper focuses on the methodologies, findings/results, and the discussion.

In addition, every source that the student considers appropriate for use in their work should be correctly cited and listed in the reference page.  This is important in avoiding plagiarism.  Learn more on how to evaluate, integrate, cite sources, and avoid plagiarism from’s professional academic writing services.

Cases studies

These papers are written with the purpose of proposing solutions to an existing problem or issue in an organization.  The student should include an analysis and background information of the business situation; identify existing problems, its implication, what has not been done, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. This requires deep analysis as the student is required to weigh alternative options and settle on the most reasonable and feasible recommendations.  To support their claims, the use of charts, tables, graphs, and other visuals is encouraged as it helps in the clear organization of the information. Case studies equip the student with the decision- making, organizational, and problem -solving skills.

 The student is also given an opportunity to effectively analyze the details of an organization which gives direction on planning on the execution of ideas and strategies.

How to write an MBA essay

 The above assignments take different forms and are written for different purposes. The key to write each effectively is being familiar with all the standard essay types within the discipline. This guides the students in selecting their topic, prewriting, researching, and organizing the information in a paper.

These essays take the form of:

Narratives. They tell a story about a subject.  For this essay, the writer will concentrate on the topic through physical, mental, and emotional concepts.  It should have a main point, introduction, body, and conclusion. The goal is to provide concrete and vivid details to keep the reader engaged.

Expository. These types of assignments explore a topic in-depth with the objective of providing information. The students rely on facts and use of formal and concrete language to bring the pieces of information together. They also use the standard format of an introduction, body, and conclusion with each point being supported by evidence. 

Persuasive. Their purpose is to provide information that will convince the reader to subscribe to agree with the author’s opinion. Logic, facts, and emotions are some important elements of this kind of assignment.  The introduction here plays a very vital role, the relevance of the topic should be clear with merits well stated, a strong thesis, and valid arguments in the body to support the thesis. The conclusion should summarize the ideas and restate the thesis as well as suggesting recommendations. The goal is to sway the reader to agree to your opinions.

Comparative. The assignment compares two concepts such as theories, books, practices, or opinions. For this task, the student should define the main idea of the comparison in a strong thesis.  All points should be elaborated in the body and evidence for each well stated.  These essays also discuss contrasting elements and the same formula is applied.

Cause and effect. The student is tasked to select a topic where one action leads to a definite result. When writing this paper, the student should keep in mind to use all-consuming words such as never, always, only, etc.

Thesis/dissertation. They are usually written at the end of the program, before graduation. They are long papers with over 100 pages and prepared for a long duration. Since it can take up to a year, the student should choose a topic that excites them to remain motivated.  Students are encouraged to only rely on scholarly sources and have understood their work just in case they are called upon to provide a defense for their work.  At, business students can buy MBA essay and benefit from our services which include dissertation writing.


Citation guide for MBA

Citing the source of information and idea is a demonstration of honesty and credibility.  It also acknowledges the original author of the source. All direct quotes, paraphrased texts, or summaries should be cited correctly. The style may be indicated in the instruction. If not provided you can seek clarification from the instructor or use the style that best suits your assignment.

Though it’s important to be knowledgeable about the different available reference styles, business courses apply the APA format. The format requires the student to have the following in their papers:

  • Cover page
  • Page headers
  • Page numbers

In addition, they often include an abstract that provides information on the research process and a list of sources page with reference as the header.

Besides, the style uses the use of in-text citation also known as parenthetical citation.  It considers the author’s last name, the title of the article if the author is not listed, and the year of publication.  If a quote is directly quoted, the page number should be provided and where there are no page numbers, use the section header or paragraph number.  For more information on APA and other format styles, sign up at website.

Common mistakes to avoid in MBA writing

Use of passive voice.  Academic writing embraces the use of active voice. This is because it is clear, direct, and concise. Readers will be interested in specific details that are logically presented. They have no time to try to figure out what you wanted to say,

Punctuation.  These marks are very important in both verbal and written communication.  Every student should endeavor to understand each in terms of their purpose, when, and how to use them.  Failing to do this, results in misuse which leads to errors in sentence structuring. When these errors occur, the whole meaning of the phrase, sentence, paragraph, and the entire paper changes hence the great need to learn more about the punctuation marks.

Grammar. Mistakes in grammar cause confusion and doubt regarding the credibility of the student. Every work should be thoroughly proofread to ensure the grammar, language, and words are correct and in line with the writing guidelines as per the subject. It is advisable to proofread every paper before submission. The student should also seek a second opinion from a professional editor, friend, family, mentor, or course mate. We understand that error-free papers are key to academic success, for this reason we guarantee all students who buy MBA essay from us quality papers.


Writing an MBA paper successfully requires high-level writing skills. With the skills, knowledge, understanding of the type of assignment, its requirements, and professional writer, writing becomes an essay exercise. In addition, you can choose to buy MBA essay that is written from scratch to meet your needs. Our highly qualified and experienced team can help with any kind of assignment. Even the most urgent one, visit our web site, LinkedIn, or Face book page, and click the ORDER NOW!

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