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A comprehensive guide for writing accurate and credible history papers

At first writing history papers may appear to be a very daunting task. This is mainly because of its wide coverage and focuses on the past where the historians have to research from records. Also, the writer is involved in a situation where he /she have to make a critical and subjective decision on what to include and how to interpret it for their work to be effective. This also happens to be the first step in history writing as one tries to join the conversation of other historians.  Though an overwhelming exercise, this article provides you with a comprehensive guide for writing accurate and credible history papers. Not forgetting that you can ask for a history paper writing service from Mycourseworkhep.com whenever you are stuck.


Types of history papers

Like any other subject, you will write different assignments before you graduate. This includes:

  • Analytical
  • Narrative
  • Research papers
  • Historiographic essays
  • Response paper
  • Book reviews
  • Annotated bibliography etc.

These assignments require different levels of analysis, research, and interpretation but their arguments assume a similar form. You must therefore be very keen on how you craft your thesis statement and if you are having difficulties developing an argument for your paper, keeping the following in mind will help you craft a strong and debatable statement.

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Ask the right questions.  Seek to know the why, what, when, where, and how of your subject in addition to how change has taken place,  how one subject differs from the other in respect to time.

Start with sources. Writing in history relies on inductive reasoning hence the need to find a ground for your argument.  Have close look at your sources and try to identify any inconsistency, what is unique, intriguing, or even weird about it.

Be original.  Don’t simply agree with what authors have written or even your own reasoning. Instead, be skeptical and critical and you will surely come up with a strong argument.

Use of sources in history

History writing is dependent on findings and the use of valid and verifiable evidence from credible sources.  After choosing a topic, formulating a thesis or set of research questions, you should turn to sources and seek answers. For every argument, it should be supported by a source.  These sources are classified into two broad categories namely:

  1. Primary sources. These are sources identified during the period of study.  They reflect the concerns and views of the correspondents about a subject.  They include speeches, correspondence, films, newspapers, laws, etc
  2. Secondary sources. These are materials produced later after the study.  They collect, analyze, and incorporate primary sources of evidence. They include scholarly works such as books and journal articles.

In your day to day life in college/university, you will consult these two sources to complete the assignments. All you need to do is to compare the sources and critically determine their credibility and relevancy to your assignment.  So, make sure the argument you present is debatable and you can easily locate enough sources and information.  Besides, to determine the credibility of your sources it is important that you consider the following aspects:

Primary sources

  • Who is the author?
  • Date of publication
  • How the source compares/contrasts to other sources you have identified
  • How your argument differs from that of the source

Secondary sources

  • Who is the author?
  • What is the author’s main argument?
  • How the source is organized and structured
  • The purpose of the work

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History writing conventions

Historians disagree on various issues such as interpretation of data, writing about the past thus making each historian adopts their own way depending on the purpose of their writing.   Therefore it is important for you that before you embark on writing; make sure you understand the prompt and reread the assignment guidelines. If it is unclear, ask for help as early as possible to get it right from the start. However, there are a few governing rules that make history writing different from other disciplines which you must consider as you compose your essay. These are:

  • Writing in the past. History is all about the past, therefore writing in the present or future is a poor way of completing your assignment. Always write in the past.
  • Presentation of a concrete argument. Make sure your thesis statement is arguable and answers a complex question. To learn more about how to formulate a strong and debatable thesis, all you need is a professional writer from Mycourseworkhelp.com to offer a first-class history essay writing service at the comfort of your room through our online tutorials.
  • Avoid vague generalization. Be specific throughout your work. Use specific examples and situations.
  • Avoid presentism.  Unlike other assignments where they relate your findings to current happenings in the field, your arguments should refrain from this.  The past should be investigated on its own being conscious of the chronological order of events.
  • Paraphrase as much as you can and quote sparingly. Demonstrate your analytical skills by using your own words to present your arguments.  If you quote, it is imperative to introduce the source and the context of your idea to avoid charges of plagiarism and also help your reader identify the sources of your information with ease.
  • Provide necessary contextEffective history papers are a result of active and rigorous engagement with the sources.  You must interrogate your sources closely, provide an interpretation of the evidence, and report the findings on both the text and context. Critically analyze all your sources to get to the bottom of your arguments. Let the reader understand why your findings are important and interesting.
  • Ensure consistency of style. Historians mainly use footnotes and endnotes also known as the Chicago Manual of Style to reference and provide additional information in support of their arguments. However, some assignments allow the use of a parenthetical citation. In case you are not familiar with this style, it is important that you use our history paper writing service for excellently written papers. Also, make sure that you check with your instructor to clarify the appropriate style for your assignment.
  • Write in an academic and formal voice.  Historians are encouraged to use active voice and refrain from the use of first and second-person pronouns. Also, make sure your word choice is acceptable to your discipline.
  • Use adequate and valid evidence. All your points should be supported by detailed examples and don’t general statements.
  • Edit and proofread your work.  Take time and read your work to correct errors. Even after using the spell and grammar checkers turn to manual reading. Be keen to note if you have correct errors previously highlighted by your instructor, check to see if your arguments and entire essay flows logically and coherently. By doing so, you will make sure your work is free from common mistakes and any other error that may deny you marks. If you are still confused or need help with editing your paper you can hire a history essay writing service from Mycourseworkhelp.com for 100% error-free custom papers.

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