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Thesis statement for your research paper: what it is and how to make it stronger

A thesis statement is a claim made by the writer of a research paper. The research is written to argue the claim and provide evidence to prove your thesis. Your thesis statement should be specific and arguable/ debatable. It is part of the introduction of the paper and is usually the last one or two sentences. As part of the introduction, it prepares the reader by a mention of the issue discussed in the context.


A strong thesis is a very important element to a great research paper. This is because it allows you to demonstrate your research and knowledge of the topic. After you have settled on a topic, spend enough time on your thesis statement.  Change the wording for as many times as possible till you have that thesis that can spark a debate. In some instances, you might need assistance, get all research paper help from our experts. For a thesis to be considered strong it must have the below features.

Take a stand

As defined, it is a claim.   It is not everyone who will agree with your thoughts and your objective is to provide evidence to support your arguments.  You should be able to back up your thesis by credible sources.

It should justify the discussion

Your claim may be seeking to provide information that contradicts a held view concerning a subject or seek to answer a question that has been considered in previous researches.  By so doing, it sparks a conversation that will capture the attention of the reader.

It should be specific

It is advisable to avoid vague claims. A broad thesis statement may deny you the opportunity to present your arguments and evidence strongly. It is also difficult to write about it within the time limit and pages as per the paper’s requirement.  Narrowing your claim will work in your favor.  It allows your reader to have an interest in your work and make the discussion stronger and vivid.

It should express one main idea

 It is important to remember that the thesis statement acts as the backbone of the entire paper. All the pages no matter the length of the paper is written to support it. This means that a paper can not have multiple claims.  It will be also tough handling such a paper as it will be also very confusing, to you and the reader.

It should be clear

 You are writing to a target reader, if they don’t make sense of your thesis statement, it will be difficult for them to read your paper. They will lose interest.

Tips on creating a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement will be considered effective if it impresses the reader. To have it perfect, our research paper help service team, guides you through;

Check on various research paper thesis statement as examples. This allows you to pinpoint the vital elements that make it be considered strong.

Derive it from a question

Formulate a question then provide the answer. The answer forms the foundation of your paper’s thesis statement. You will later expound on it by shedding more light. you will give ideas and evidence.

Keep in mind the kind of research

 The thesis statements differ depending on the research or the paper. It’s therefore very important that you understand the assignment before you form your thesis. A thesis statement in an argumentative essay will differ from that of an expository essay.

A strong thesis must take a side

You should never include an opposing argument in your work.  You come up with as many supporting details to back up your thesis and convince the reader and every other person that your assertion is the correct view by making your position strongest.


Make sure you can prove it with ease

Your research should at the end answer the thesis statement. Always ensure you avoid complicated claims that are difficult to prove.  If you experience a challenge in proving it, reconsider and take on another one.  You can pick on a topic you are interested in and formulate your thesis from there.

Following the above tips will greatly influence how you formulate your thesis statement for your research paper. We however strongly recommend you to get research paper help from professional writers


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