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Guidelines for writing an effective economics paper

Economics is one of the main specialties at the university. Any student who chooses to pursue an advanced degree in economics will be tasked with two main types of assignments whose purpose is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of your subject test your ability to apply economic logic, critically analyze literature, and also solve empirical issues. The two types of assignments include empirical and theoretical papers. Empirical papers usually entail running of data through a model of a series of mathematical equations (there is available and reliable data) while theoretical papers start with a model based on particular premises followed by a proof that the particular outcomes will arise ( there is no data, and in case it’s there, it’s unreliable). All economic papers have a mathematical model and this defines the discipline of economics. To learn more on the two papers in details, seek affordable and efficient economics essay help from


 Both the papers have an abstract, and are written in segments with headings and subheadings. For an empirical paper, it structured as follows:

  • Introduction,
  • Literature review,
  • Data,
  • Methodology,
  • Result and conclusion.

A theoretical paper should have an introduction, a section introducing your model and subsequent sections set to discuss various cases that can be acted out as the basic model is extended.  These papers have lots of mathematical calculations and the proofs are placed in an appendix.

 The focus of this article is to help you write economic papers effectively by highlighting what should be constituted in your paper. In addition, be sure to seek economic essay help from our professional writers.

Before you get into writing, you should study the assignment to understand its requirements. If you are unable to figure out the assignments instructions and requirements seek clarification from a professional academic writer in our team or from your instructor.  If you have understood the assignment, choose a suitable topic that you are excited about if not given one. To make it right at this point, you may decide to seek an economics essay help to have a writer who will help you narrow down to a topic you can easily handle.

The next step should be to research to help you better understand your subject, generate ideas, formulate a thesis statement, and articulate your arguments with maximum authority.


 This is the road map to your work. From your research notes create an outline that brings your ideas together in a coherent and logical manner. Have headings and subheadings with points that support your thesis statement. In your outline, have the details that fit your paper and leave out on any other information no matter how interesting it may appear. The outline should help you organize your paper. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion each highlighting the main points as from your research notes. Do you wish to know more about the outline structure and importance?  If yes, you are the best candidate for our economics essay help. Our processes are simple, just sign up at website and click the ORDER NOW button. You will get instant help as our customer care center is available 24/7 to ensure we offer fast and reliable academic writing services.

With an outline, you should be able to move to the next phase of writing.  Make sure your paper has the following structure and do not forget to contact our writers for economics essay help when you are stuck.


 The title reflects on the subject of your paper and the question it tries to answer.  To have a strong title, think about two or three keywords that would be appropriate for your title. Also, avoid titles that are insufficiently descriptive. A good title should be specific and you are thus encouraged to have a title and a subtitle where applicable.


This is a very essential part of every academic paper. It should introduce your work to the reader by giving an overview of your paper. It should be clear, simple, attention-grabbing, and concise. The reader should be able to understand what your paper is about with ease. An effective introduction, should:

  • introduce the topic;
  • Briefly highlight the importance of the topic;
  • Briefly and comprehensively provide the reader with some background information (on research that has been done on the topic previously);
  • State the gap or problem with the existing research that you want to fill;
  • Describe  how your study will fill the gap;
  • State the thesis statement. It gives the direction to your paper by summarizing the key point of your work;
  • State the limits of your study briefly;
  • Describe how your work is organized (in the last paragraph of the introduction).

Literature Review

Depending on your professor or assignment’s instructions, this section will be written independently or be captured in the introduction. However, it’s important to understand what you need to include in your review as you write your paper.

 Literature review comprises of information that is related to your topic but from other authors. Therefore, make sure that you give a description of existing studies that are connected to your study briefly and comprehensively. These sources /literature can include academic databases available online such as Google Scholar, books, periodicals, journal articles, government reports, publications, etc. Besides, remember to evaluate each source critically to determine its credibility. If you are unable to carry out and write a literature review, or locate and evaluate your sources get an economics essay help from‘s academic writing services. To get the best from your review you can consider doing the following:

  • Gather a wide range of literature/sources;
  • Start with a general evaluation of the literature;
  • Narrow down and focus on the most relevant aspect of the work to your study. For example, if your concentration is either on the model, methodology, data, or results, etc. make sure you focus on the single line;
  • As you carry out the literature review, have a pen and a paper or your laptop here you will be noting down the points, quotations, sources, and all other necessary details.


This section will be found only in empirical papers. It discusses the sources of data, its characteristics or problems.  In other words it should:

  • Identify the source of your data,
  • Discuss the source,
  • Explain why you preferred the source,
  • Highlight any characteristic of the data that is likely to affect your findings.


This segment discusses the methods of data collection.  As you write this section, consider the following:

  • State your method (s),
  • Describe the method(s) i.e its advantages and disadvantages,
  • Explain why you decided to use the method(s),
  • Discuss any feature of the method (s) that may affect your results.



This section is a discussion on your findings. In other words, what you found out after gathering and analyzing your data. To start your paragraphs in this part, you can choose to remind the reader of your thesis statement which is the question you are trying to answer.  Also, if there are any provisions that your reader should bear in mind as they go through your findings, they should be mentioned at this point. An excellently written results’ section should do the following:

  • Discuss all the results that are not only linked to your question but also those that answer your research question,
  • Pinpoint and describe any unusual or unexpected result,
  • Identify and say something on any result that you have told the reader you will comment on.

Given the limited time and pages, it wouldn’t be prudent to discuss all your results in details.


 This shows you have come to the end of your writing by briefly summarizing your work. A great conclusion plays some or all the following roles:

  • Summarizes the main findings/ points,
  • Restates the thesis statement. This is the question the paper has been trying to answer,
  • Suggests any line for future research on the subject,
  • Briefly reminds the reader of any limitation of the study,
  • Identifies any broad implications of the study.

All these should be clear, easy to read and understand as well as consistent with the introduction and the body. There should be unity and logical flow from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. Do not introduce any new information or finding at this point.

 Once you have written your paper and the above have been addressed you should revise, edit, and proofread your work before submission. Sometimes thoroughly editing and proofreading your work may be difficult. In such scenarios getting economics essay help from one of our professional editors, friend, mentor, or course mate will be the best move. Revision helps you to do:

Developmental editing which checks if:

  • Your thesis statement is clear, strong and concise,
  • There is a logical flow from the introduction to the conclusion,
  • The sentences and the paragraphs are well transitioned and follow a logical sequence,
  • Your ideas/points are clear, concrete and detailed,
  • Your arguments fully support the thesis statement,
  • All sources have been correctly cited,
  • Any of your argument is repeated.

Line editing which checks if:

  • The language is clear and specific to your economic course,
  • The sentences follow a narrative sequence,
  • There are any words or phrases that need to be removed or added,
  • The grammar, punctuation, and spelling is on point.

To submit a paper that is exactly what your professor wants to see, you also need to observe the following additional rules that govern writing in economics. They include:

  • Avoid quotations unless it’s very necessary.
  • All your literature review articles should be completely on economics. This is because economics is not interdisciplinary.
  • Economics assignment can be written in the first pronoun singular or plural.
  • Be familiar with the generally accepted terms in the discipline
  • Keep it clear, concise and precise

Writing an economics paper is daunting, but if you carefully study, follow the above guidelines and seek economics essay help from, you can be sure to write a brilliant paper and eventually perform well in your academics.

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