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A literature review is a scholarly paper written as an assessment of research that was done previously with an aim of;  create an overview of the sources you have identified as helpful during your research process or to show how your just concluded research is related to the larger field of your study.


As you prepare to write a literature review for your sociology paper, its important to note that there is a big difference between a literature review and an annotated bibliography.  While the latter has a list of references arranged alphabetically and includes bibliographical citations, a one-paragraph summary of the source followed by a critique of the source the former can easily be integrated into the research paper. it allows you to quote, paraphrase from the source. All the sources are cited using the in-text parenthetical citations and at the end of the paper, there is a list of references.

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 This article is meant to provide you with the key guidelines for writing a sociology literature review successfully.  Sociology being a social science you will be expected that you use the APA style though it’s always good to confirm with your instructor on the style to use.  To learn more about the APA reference style, get all the assistance from Besides getting guidance on how to use the in-text parenthetical citations, you can also buy research papers online that are proficiently written to meet all the assignment’s requirements.


  1.  Research widely to locate a good number of articles and journals that relate to your topic. This means that you will need along with the list at the beginning. Don’t limit yourself to the number of sources. Have as many as possible. For example, if you used a search engine, there will be tens of pages displayed on your screen. Locating these articles is an overwhelming task and this explains why you need to only buy research papers online and seek help from a legit company like which has trained researchers.
  2. The next thing you should do is to filter your sources.  Select the articles that contain the most relevant information about your subject and that will help you achieve the objective of your literature review. For example, if your objective is to demonstrate how your research question is related to the field of study and in particular your sociology course, pick the articles that will enable you to do so.
  3. Critically evaluate the articles you have selected. Focus on the methodologies, statistics, the findings, theoretical framework, and the author’s objective, weaknesses, strengths as well as inconsistencies in the work.
  4. Organize all the information on your selected sources in a logical manner. While some literature reviews are organized based on the type of study or theme. Some may begin by defining terms or giving a general overview of the topic/ subject.  Choose the most suitable organization and that you will write without difficulty. Organizing your paper logically and coherently enhances the clarity of the overall work.  The reason why we have remained the smartest choice for many students is that whenever you buy research papers online from, the organization and structuring of the papers is on a higher level.
  5. Always ensure that all the information at hand is relevant to your research question.  To demonstrate the relationship, you might be required to go further and briefly illustrate the connection.
  6. In addition to summarizing your sources, going the extra mile to critically assess the sources in your literature review will do you better. It demonstrates a deep understanding of your topic and that you have your ideas to add to the study field. You don’t have to agree with all the ideas of the other author. The critique can be positive or negative. Critiquing any work needs analytical skills and you can learn how to improve your skills from
  7.  As you conclude your literature review, be sure to leave the reader with something to think over. These can be questions that call for further research as they may not have been addressed in the existing researches all were addressed inadequately. Also, remember that the literature review should not only have information from the reviewed articles but also your ideas and discoveries. Show your contribution to the study by bringing new insights.


To accomplish the purpose of your sociology literature review, it’s important that you choose a variety of articles and critically analyze each to have the most relevant articles.  Also, remember to include your ideas, thoughts about the subject matter, and not only what other authors have said. Your view is equally important.

 Your literature review should also be original with no trace of plagiarism in it. Keep in mind that reviewing the articles is not copy-pasting. We understand that this might be a challenge for most students, but you shouldn’t worry. has a team of experts in sociology who will guide you in the steps of avoiding plagiarism.  We pride in what we do, offering writing services to students and we have systems put place that detects every form of plagiarism to guarantee quality and plagiarism-free papers.  Make a wise decision that from today you will only buy research papers online from a decision you will never regret. Instead, you will refer all your fellow course mates and schooling friends to our company.

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