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Celebrities and Heroes

A mural at South Arbor Charter Academy that showed diverse and historic heroes was replaced with a depiction of personalities who may be considered “modern-heroes”. The move triggered a debate on the evolution of heroes and the differences between heroes and celebrities. The issue of older heroes versus the so-called modern-day heroes also comes into perspective. The debate points to an emerging overlap between the characteristics of heroes and celebrities in the modern media environment. While there is a fine line between celebrities and heroes and that the two should always be distinctively distinguished, there may be an overlap in some cases.


To many, a hero is a person who is admired for his/her positive contribution that impacts people and improved any aspects of their lives. Heroes are figures who are respected and considered role models (Payne 46). On the other hand, celebrities are people who rise to great fame for an act.In general, celebrities have been popularized by media, pop culture and the internet. This has raised great debate on whether genuine heroes are losing their role and respect for celebrities.

Without a doubt, the media and internet has given rise to a new form of celebrity status. A perfect example is that of Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian. These are celebrities who have gained global fame singlehandedly through the influence of the media and the internet. Many might say that these are not heroes but shallow and mere celebrities. However, many young girls and women still look up to them as role models. Does a hero have to accomplish a traditional and majestic act to be considered a hero? Even though these women may not be considered heroes, they have successfully established their mark as masters in the fashion, communication and female freedom categories and as so can be considered heroes in their own capacity.

All the same, great heroes like Albert Einstein and Graham Bell have contributed in ways that surpass time. There is justified concern over these historic figures being overshadowed by modern day celebrities. This obsession with celebrities has resulted from the public’s curiosity and an ability to observe the private lives of people in the limelight. It has further been propelled by the modern day obsession with personalities and character traits (Payne, 89). In this light, people will be more interested in the private life of Kim or Oprah than in their active contributions.


While some celebrities can be considered heroes, not all would fall into this category. The media must find an interesting and creative method of giving heroism credit where it is due and without bias on status. Of more interest, the general public should find people who genuinely motivate them and appreciate them as modern day heroes. Smaller accomplishments that are extra-ordinary should not be disregarded for those considered to be more superior or of higher value. A good example is when accomplishments in soft skills such as fashion are often undervalued in compassion to technological contributions.

Overall, there is a fine line between celebrities and heroes. In some cases, the two may overlap but in other cases, they should be distinctively distinguished. Times have changed and with this, diverse differences are expected to develop. A move away from the normal or traditional ways must not be fully criticized or dismissed as wrong. In the same way, modern day heroes must not be dismissed simply because they also double as celebrities. A true measure of quality contribution and positive motivation should be the only method used to separate a celebrity from a hero. It is of equal importance to continue paying our respects to historic heroes, learn about them and strive to emulate them.

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