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How to write a personal statement for your university application

A personal statement is an account of your talents, achievements, goals, interests, and motivations. They are included in a resume, university, or job applications. University application statements are longer and more detailed than other statements. This article explores what you should include in a personal statement for university application. Not forgetting that if you need help with your personal statement that will guarantee you the opportunity, you can try our professional writers. The quality and uniqueness of our application writing service have worked for many students.


A time to apply for a university program has come; there is this course and university of your dream and all you want is a brilliant personal statement that will capture the attention of the admission board and also earn you a placement. You need not to worry; has the best interests of students at the center and offers cheap application writing services. You only need to sign up at our website and click the ORDER NOW button.

Like any other type of academic writing, personal statements have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Breaking the task into manageable segments will help you write effectively. You can choose to start with whichever part you feel strongly about, for example, a body and then craft an introduction based on your body.

Regardless of the section, you will start on; the following approach will capture the most relevant details of your personal statement.

Write a personal introduction

It’s personal because you will write about you and your personality. Clearly and concisely, state why you are interested in the degree and if appropriate your experience with the course topics. It should be captivating to encourage the reader to continue reading the personal statement and your applications. To achieve this, put some creativity and imagination and state your point early enough to remain focused. Discuss how the program and school align with your passions in a paragraph and don’t forget our experts in application writing services are available 24/7 to guide you or write the statement for you.

Expand on skills, experiences and interests relevant to the program

In the body of your statement, elaborate on your skills, experiences, and interests that relate to the program for which you are applying. Depending on the prompt and applicant, the body will be one to two paragraphs. For example, a high school graduate won’t write much, unlike a student who is applying for a doctorate degree. In your body describe:

  • Skills and talents.  Expound on your skills and talents that relate to the course. Where applicable, mention the specific values that you possess and the school is looking for in applicants,
  • Achievements and experiences. Share more about your previous degrees, certifications, awards, and position held that relate to the student’s requirements for consideration purposes,
  • Contributions to the university. Describe how you will benefit the university. You can state how you will perform tasks, earn awards in your field, and even acquire skills that will benefit your class, department or faculty,
  •  Professional and academic goals. Describe how the course will contribute to your profession, career, or future dreams. Consider mentioning a specific goal that can only be achieved if you pursued the course.



Your conclusion matters, you should strive to write a strong conclusion to leave a great and memorable impression on the admission board. In the simplest way possible, restate the reason for application and what you hope to achieve with the course. You must also convince the reader to consider your application by reading through your resume and academic credentials.

To craft a strong conclusion, you can consider the following strategies:

  • Say something about your professional goals. Stress using specific examples, how the course and school at large will prepare you for career and relevant short and long term goals. Let’s say, what you hope to accomplish in the school and after school if selected,
  • Summarize your personal statement. Summarize the main points in your statement and remember to show how your achievements, skills, experiences, interests relate to the program and future,
  • Link back your introduction. Focus on the introduction, and what motivated you to apply for the program. Expand on the idea by bringing together the desire and the qualifications. If you are enthusiastic in your conclusion, you increase your chances.

Be sure to use one or two of the above strategies in your conclusion.  In addition, consider your personal statement as persuasive paper and sell yourself to the admission board and school at this point.

Proofread and edit

For all write-ups, it’s advisable to read through once done to check for errors. A statement full of errors will not only decrease your chances, but will also deny you the opportunity. Read your work aloud to hear how it will sound to the reader. You can also hire our application writing service which includes editing and proofreading for an error-free statement. This exercise helps you focus on:

  • Relevancy
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Clarity i.e. use simple language and word choice
  • Style
  • Syntax
  • Word limits


Effective personal statements should have both personal and professional tone, direct and relevant information. As you write:

Keep it simple. To be effective and maintain clarity, use simple language and short sentences,

Use active voice. Engage your reader by directly identifying your achievements,

Use positive tone. Your language should show your enthusiasm for the opportunity and gratitude to the board for consideration,

Write in your voice. Use your own words to describe yourself and qualifications. By doing so the statement feels more personal and unique,

Be original. Avoid copy-pasting another student’s statement. Plagiarized statements are unacceptable.

Be unique. Other students are also applying for the same position.  To stand out, be unique and accurate with how you write your accomplishments. You can choose to be specific and include brief examples of such achievements, and experiences. If you need help,’s application writing service is always available. We will be glad to see you join university and continue using our academic writing services.

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