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Communications assignment guidelines

Communication studies are an academic field that focuses on the process of human communication. The focus is on how both verbal and non-verbal messages are created, delivered, and received. It’s such a broad field as it draws from different academic fields such as religion, psychology, philosophy, sciences, business, and many others. However, the central focus is on creation, dissemination, and critical analysis of forms of public communication. To explore how this communication takes place, there are various theories and techniques that are used.


In this article, we will concentrate on the guidelines for writing brilliant assignments in communication studies.  It’s important to understand that though writing assignments in communication studies tend to vary depending on the student’s learning outcome goals for their courses, there are some general guidelines that apply.  For this reason, if the requirements of your assignment are not addressed in this guide, you can seek academic essay help from our experts.

Types of writing in communication studies

For many courses, critical analysis of a communication phenomenon such as a movie, speech, material object, song, etc is the most common task. For such kind of assignment, the students are required to build an argument on the subject. This, therefore, means that extensive research on the object, a summary of the study, personal impression of the object, and a conclusion drawn from the study based on the analysis is important.

For some, it will be creating a communication based on how the student understands the process of communication. The creation can be in the form of a song, speech, or performance or any other form depending on the assignment.

Another common type of assignment that communication studies’ students will come across is being tasked to review and synthesize a piece of literature surrounding a given communication phenomenon.


Also, in some courses, the instructor will ask the student to either read or critically reflect on or critically engage some sort of communication or analysis of communication. For such kind of assignment, the student’s objective should be going beyond the common and simple impression to deep analysis.  The student should engage more deeply with the material and think of an implication, examples, and any possible application of the presented ideas.

How to write a critical analysis paper

 Critical analysis paper stands to be the most common assignment in communication studies.  It evaluates your ability to make critical observations and then draw some conclusions on some form of communication by investigating a given communication object.  For this paper, you should make sure the paper covers the following four areas of the object under study.

  • A description of your object
  • An explanation of the method of critical examination
  • An analysis of the object
  • Conclusion and implications of the study

Before writing any of the above parts of your essay, carrying out thorough research is crucial. This can be achieved by doing the following:

  1. Research on the communication object that your paper will analyze.  In this stage, you should provide the context of the object. Be sure to include some information as to why the object is worthy of your analysis. In other words, your reader should be able to understand why the analysis is important.
  2. Identify a critical method/ perspective that you will use to analyze your object. The approach should be explained using some credible and reliable evidence from reviewed scholarly literature.
  3. Analysis of the object.  This is the most important and longest part of your paper. You are required to apply your chosen perspective and analyze the object under study.  Your analysis should be in-depth to enable you to give detailed information. Besides, for every detail on the object, you must cite the object, and provide a description or direct quotation to support your claims.
  4. Draw your conclusion. Your conclusion may include pieces of evidence collected from scholarly debates surrounding your object or critical perspective. Note that this information can also be captured in your introduction as you explain the contribution or significance of your study.

Use of evidence in communication studies

The use of evidence in academic writing is vital. This is because it shows credibility and understanding of the subject under study.  This evidence is from various sources depending on the discipline. For communication studies assignments, the primary form of evidence is from the object under study. This evidence is presented as descriptions or direct quotes. In some assignments, you may also decide to critically bring other scholars on board and engage them (use of their works) to support your arguments and observations.


For every source of your evidence, you should provide correct in-text citations. In addition to every paraphrased text from an outside source, you should provide in-text citations to make the reader differentiate your voice from that of another author.

Important considerations when using evidences include:

Introduce and explain every quotation. Clearly demonstrate to the reader how the evidence /quotation support your argument or observation.  In critical analysis, the object under study should also be cited giving a description or quotation.

For every quotation and information form an outside, be sure to cite to avoid any possibility of plagiarism. You can learn more about how to avoid plagiarism from our website. Also to write original papers, cite all sources correctly, our academic essay help is all you need.

Seek out for the best evidence. Always keep in mind that only strong, reliable evidence from credible sources is worth academic papers.  Though sources include both printed and electronic, you should mostly rely on peer-reviewed journals and books. You should be careful of your sources especially blogs and Wikipedia unless they are the object under study. All sources should be critically evaluated before they are cited.

Citation and formatting in communication studies

Communication studies rely on a different style guide to determine the most appropriate citation and formatting style. This course mostly uses the in-text citations and a list of all sources provided in the reference page, MLA, Chicago, and APA style are the most common. However, some professors and universities prefer a specific style hence the need to check with the instructor if the style is not mentioned in the instruction sheet. Also, be sure to maintain consistency in your style. For more information on the format, styles get academic essay help from’s team.

  Other communication studies writing conventions

The main purpose of assignments is to enable the students to communicate elegantly and clearly.  Though different professors have different expectations, the following tips are useful in helping students write effectively.

  • Have a clearly defined thesis statement and a preview of the main claims.
  • Use of active voice. Makes your work clear, brief, and focused.
  • Carefully edit your work to make sure you have a proper structure, organization of your work.
  • Proofread your work to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. If you are unable to thoroughly edit and proofread your work, at, we offer professional academic essay help that includes editing services.
  • Use of the third person unless otherwise instructed to use the first person singular when referring to oneself or any other pronoun.
  • Write each paragraph clearly and in an organized manner.  Your paragraphs should have variations in their length; have a topic sentence to introduce your claim, a sentence with evidence, a sentence to summarize the content of the paragraph, and a sentence that connects to the next paragraph.
  • Use different sentence structures in your essay.   The use of simple, compound, and complex sentences makes your work interesting and appealing to the reader.
  • Avoid the use of gendered language.
  • Avoid the use of exclamation points in your work.
  • Avoid the use of any language that universalizes your statements. This statement assumes that everyone has access to the same resources. This may weaken or even disapprove of your arguments.
  • Always revisit the assignment instructions.  This is not only important before you start writing, but it’s also important even as you progress with your writing and after you are done. This helps you remain in the course and answer the right question. If you have a problem understanding the instructions, At, we have professional writers who offer quality and affordable academic essay help to all students regardless of the assignment, discipline, and level.


Writing is a process that involves the creation, review, and revision of the text. Diligently and skillfully handling each of the steps is essential to delivering a great essay with clear ideas, good organization, strong arguments, and that answers the asked questions.  To write all your assignments effectively and with ease, seeking academic essay help from is encouraged. Be sure to sign up at our website, like our Face book page, and also find as in LinkedIn to enjoy our fast and reliable academic essay help.

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