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Here are the most common errors and mishaps students make while writing capstone projects for their nursing program

Successful completion of a nursing program comes with so much joy and satisfaction especially after the capstone project which is the final exam is awarded good marks. As a finalist, you have heard and know so much about effective writing. You already know what makes a good research paper and with no doubt, you will do all it takes to produce a first-class paper. This is impressive, but it is important to note that there are common mistakes that students make knowingly or unknowingly and ends up messing up what was a brilliant paper.


To avoid scenarios that would cost you and render your efforts useless, it is important to carefully craft your paper and avoid any form of erroneous writing. From the preparation phase, hire a professional writer from to guide you through the process or buy custom nursing paper that will earn you better grades and give you a throughway to that graduation list. Also, this article focuses on the common errors that you must strive to avoid. Study each carefully and you can be sure that you will submit a proficiently written research paper.  If you have questions concerning any or how to avoid them, do not hesitate to ask for help. Our services are available 24/7 and this guarantees reliability and efficiency.


This is considered to be the most serious academic offense with consequences served depending on the instructor or faculty.  Any form of plagiarism on your research paper will make the supervisor and the committee reject your paper without considering how much you have invested in it. To avoid even the slightest form of plagiarism, read more about types of plagiarism, causes and consequences as well as how you can avoid it.  If you do not believe you can write a 100% original research paper, buy custom nursing paper that is written from scratch by highly skilled and experienced nursing paper writers.

Unnecessary information

The supervisor or any other person who will read your work are busy people and with hundreds of assignments to mark for their students. This means that all irrelevant information should not be found in your final copy.  Be objective, specific, concise, and precise in the presentation of your findings/arguments, and be assured of excellent performance.  Some of the information to avoid in your assignment includes:

  • Irrelevant background
  • Anecdotal information where you refer to persons responsible such as your instructor, peers, etc
  • Use of subjective and superlative statements to emphasize a point
  • Materials that are inappropriate for the readership e.g. defining terms that are known to the reader


This is also one of the most common errors research paper writers make.  It involves the attribution of human motivation, behaviors, and character to lifeless objects. For research paper writers, they are encouraged to avoid them since they make the work ambiguous and confusing.


Some students provide inadequate details on important elements of their papers. For example, stating results and failing to fully explain how they were obtained. Though a difficult exercise, you should strive to explain your results to enhance readability and clarity. Help the reader interpret the results to understand your arguments.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

No matter how much time you spent on the research, your paper will be effective if it is free from these common errors.  Avoid obvious errors in grammar to communicate your message clearly.  Be careful of how you structure your sentences, use words, to ensure they make sense. In addition, make sure your assignment is free from spelling errors as this will show a sense of carelessness.  Endeavor to submit errors free papers by using grammar and spell checkers as well as doing thorough editing and proofreading. Alternatively, you can buy custom nursing paper that is 100% error-free from


Inaccurate words and phrases

The ability to use the correct word correctly and in the right part of your sentence is imperative.  For this reason, make sure you refer to a dictionary if you are using a word that can mean otherwise given the sentence structure and point you want to bring across.  The wrong choice of words will alter the whole meaning of a paragraph and eventually ruin the whole paper. For example, the word affect and effect can easily confuse.

Improper citations

Complete and correct citation of sources in all scholarly writing is a thumb rule that applies across all the disciplines. Some students are either unaware or just ignorant of this rule such that they provide inadequate referencing or just use the wrong style.  To avoid being a victim of this mistake, read the instructions carefully to know which style to use. Also sign up at website page to learn more about formatting styles, referencing styles, and why it is important to cite your work correctly.

Failure to clearly state the significance of their research

 Research papers are not mere write-ups. One of the elements of your paper that the supervisor will focus on is the importance of your study.  In your introduction, make it clear why the study matters to actualize the set goals

Improper time management

Major projects like capstone and academic success in general require the students to be good managers of their time.  How you utilize your time determines the success of your project. Many students lack this understanding, they prioritize other things that don’t add value to their research paper only for them to start working on the project a few days before the deadline. To avoid this rush, start early to allow enough time for research, drafting, asking questions, getting feedback, and drafting of the final copy.  In other words, research paper writing is a process that takes time. If you are unable to start the assignment early enough due to other commitments and workload, buy custom nursing paper that is well researched and written.

Over quoting

Some students fill their research paper pages with direct quotes from their sources. This is a major error because research papers are used to evaluate your understanding of concepts and the application of the same.  It is also a platform to demonstrate your critical thinking, analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, Show your reader that you understand the material by presenting your thoughts about the text.  Furthermore use quotes sparingly unless if you must.

Nursing program is one of the challenging courses but successful completion has hundreds of advantages over other courses. Be sure to write your assignments excellently by upgrading your writing skills through our online tutorials. Your success in academics and career matters to us and for this reason, at essay writing services, we are devoted t helping nursing students with their assignments at whichever level. If you are there and need help or to buy custom nursing paper, always remember we are professionals and the best in the industry.

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