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How do I know if it is plagiarism or not?

Plagiarism is defined as taking someone else ideas or work and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional. Plagiarism is unacceptable in academic writing, the consequences can be dire thus the need to avoid it as much as possible. For many years, has been in the academic writing industry, we have allowed college and university students to buy undergraduate essay. They have enjoyed unique services and original papers, if you are still pursuing your course, you too can buy undergraduate essay that is customized to meet your specific needs.


Why do students submit plagiarized work?

  • Ignorance- not knowing they were plagiarizing;
  • Rush to complete and submit the assignment before the deadline.  As a result, one forgets to provide citations for paraphrased works or correct quotations;
  • Failures to pass your work through a plagiarism checker.

Forms of plagiarism

  • Copy-pasting.  Taking a text or a whole chapter of a book and inserting it into your work as it is,
  • Minor alterations- copying the original and then do minor changes such as the order of the words or change a few words,
  • Self-plagiarism- presenting your work (previous assignment) as of current,
  • Paraphrasing and quoting without citations. For more information on types and forms of plagiarism, consider essay writing services, the only place you are guaranteed of the highest quality paper when you buy undergraduate essay for your assignment.

How to check for plagiarism in your work

There are obvious actions that are considered plagiarism and every student is familiar with them. They include: asking someone to do your assignment for pay,  copy-pasting a text from a source without proper citations, and copying a hole assignment from an electronic or printed source.

There are other actions that if not taken seriously, they may be left unnoticed. They include:

  • When you get insights from other authors to work and you fail to cite their work.
  • Using paraphrased text when you should have quoted or used quotation marks

When and what to credit or document

One of the greatest ways to avoiding plagiarism is to credit where necessary. You should credit everything that is from another person. This can be verbal, written which and can be printed or electronic. How you cite your sources is dependent on your discipline’s set guidelines.  Below is a list of what you must credit in your work. As you fail to do so, then you have plagiarized:

  • When you copy a text (words, phrases, sentences) from a source,
  • When you  use images, video or audio that has been used by someone else in their work,
  • When  you use diagrams, illustrations, charts and you are not the original producer,
  • Any information got verbally from someone else. For example, when you interview someone, converse with them face to face or via phone. This information should be quoted,
  • Any idea or word from any printed and electronic sources.

What need not to be credited or documented?

  • Personal experiences, insights, observations, thoughts, and conclusion about a subject,
  • Results from an experiment you did,
  • Own video, audio, or photographs taken from field research,
  • Common knowledge  e.g. myths, historical events, observations,
  • Generally accepted facts.


How to determine if it’s common knowledge or not

Sometimes, it may prove difficult, when it comes to determining what common knowledge or accepted fact is. One way is if you realize that the information is used but not documented or cited in several sources, or something that can be found in general reference sources. However, if you are not sure if any information is common knowledge or accepted facts in your discipline, it is important to provide citations.  If you have been wondering where to learn more about what credit, how to credit, how to write original papers, and also buy undergraduate essay, worry no more, will that for you.

How to avoid plagiarism

While most students don’t plagiarize intentionally, it’s crucial to know what they need to do to avoid even the slightest possibility of plagiarism in their work.  From our findings, At, we have realized that if research is responsibly carried out, a bigger percentage of plagiarism is avoided.  You can also buy undergraduate essay that is plagiarism-free. As you research for your paper, the following tips will help you:

Read and take notes

  • As you jot down your notes, make sure that any word, voice, an idea from someone else is marked with quotation marks,
  • Make sure you indicate any idea from the source that it is from a source. For every idea, state the source,
  • Document every source in your notes (both printed and electronic) where you have derived your information from.

Interviews and conversation

Some assignments will require you to use interviews and questionnaires as methods of data collection.

  • As you conduct interviews, be keen to mark what are your thoughts and those of the interviewee,
  • In cases where your subject allows you to record your conversations or interview, you should place your device in a place where both of you can be heard clearly. This will ease your work when drafting your paper,
  • For electronic conversation media such as emails, be sure to keep all your copies of replies and  those of your receiver’s response separate,
  • Once the interviews/conversation ends, quickly add any note if you feel there is something that needs to be clarified. Don’t wait as you may forget.

How to paraphrase and summarize

  • In your summarized/ paraphrased text, use a statement that recognizes the source,
  • Make sure your sentences’ or paragraphs’ structure of your summary is different from that of the original text,
  • For any unique word or phrase that you won’t paraphrase use quotations mark,
  • If you experience challenges as you summarize or paraphrase a text consider the use of your notes and memory. Don’t refer to the original text,
  • Compare your summary or paraphrase with the original text. Check for accuracy, errors to make sure the meaning remains.  Use quotation marks for an exact phrase. For more information on how to paraphrase and summarize correctly, sign up at

How to write direct quotations

  • The quote and the name of the author of the source should be in the same sentence,
  • The quote should be marked by quotation marks. Look at the acceptable style as per your subject,
  • Just quote what is relevant. If it’s a phrase, extract it from the paragraph,
  • Quote what is most useful; over quoting makes you lose credibility. Your ideas and thoughts are the most important in your paper. Use quotes to support your argument and if when you must.

How to use someone’s ideas


How to maintain your drafts

Some students have been charged with plagiarism wrongly. This happens when you are not careful about your research notes, drafts, or even your final copy and fellow students get access to them and they copy your work. To ensure your notes, drafts and assignments are secure:

  • Use passwords for your computer and always lock or log out when going out,
  • Use of passwords to protect your files,
  • Save multiple and separate drafts when using a cloud-based platform. Don’t edit over the original draft copy,
  • Save your papers in different files. Don’t get used to saving your assignments in the same file for every assignment.

Revise, proofread and finalize your paper

As you revise your work, make sure you cross-check your copy and the source to ensure every idea that is not your own is credited. This can be done through:

  • footnotes and endnotes,
  • References, bibliography or works cited pages,
  • Quotation marks for short and direct quotes,
  • In-text citations/ parenthetical citations,
  • Cite a source that cites other sources for indirect quotes,
  • After you have done all this, pass your final copy of the assignment through a plagiarism checker. Get professional editing services from at an affordable price. We also have systems in place to check for plagiarism. This guarantees your original papers. Don’t hesitate to buy undergraduate essay, at our website, click the ORDER NOW button.


As you pursue your certificate, diploma, masters, or doctorate degree, you will write very many assignments. Some tasks are daunting than the others and this might tempt you to plagiarize. Whenever you are in that dilemma, remember We guide students through the writing process, write the paper on their behalf, or even edit their work. We have the solution to all your academic needs.  In addition, if you buy undergraduate essay from us, you get 100% original, unique, and quality essay delivered on time.  This is made possible by our great team of experienced professionals in your field. ORDER NOW!

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