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In the pursuit of your degree in literature at whatever level, you will be tasked not once but several times to write a literary analysis essay. There is so much writing to do about the various books you will read in the literature class. In such, you will be expected to examine and evaluate literary work. That is, your role is to write about the literary text’s theme or subject matter.


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Essay writing is a process that calls for careful consideration of the steps, failure to which the essay will not achieve its goal fully. This article is meant to take you through the key steps that will help you handle the next literary analysis essay with ease.

Understand the purpose of your essay

Literary analysis essays allow you to give an analysis of a certain book/ poem. As you give a careful examination and evaluation of the book, consider all its aspects.  Your impression on the book is also allowed in the analysis process.  For any personal thought and critique, make sure its objective to convince your reader on the validity of your analysis. As you read the assigned book, close focus on the following is essential.

  • Subject
  • Form
  • Theme- Main plot and the subplot
  • The strength and weakness of the character
  • The strengths and weakness of the story as told by the author
  • The link between the content and form
  • Style


In most cases, the professor may ask you to write on one of the above aspects instead of the whole book. Whichever the case, our professional writers will proficiently write an essay that will impress your professor and in return earn you the best grades. Getting essay writing services from is a very simple process. You only need to signup into our website and click the ORDER NOW button and start to enjoy your days in college/university.

Literary Analysis Essay Organization

For your essay to be successful, you don’t have to write everything about the book that clicks on your mind. Instead, your essay should include the following: 

A topic is derived from one of your central ideas. Your topic should be specific, its advisable to pick a topic that you feel strongly about to give it the best.  If the topic has not been given by the instructor and you face the challenge of choosing a suitable one, turn to for guidance and reap maximum benefit from our online essay writing services at a very pocket-friendly price.

A clear thesis statement which brings to the attention of the reader what to expect in the subsequent sections. This is the main idea in your essay and every other sentence of your paper focus on this last sentence of your first paragraph.

An introduction, body, and conclusion- like any other type of writing, this is the basic structure of a literary essay with a slight difference being on the length.

Literary Analysis introduction

Already aware of the basic elements to be covered in your essay, create an outline which will not only shape to your essay but also keep you focused on your topic. Your outline should bear the introduction, body and conclusion.

The greatest challenge to many students is how to start, but lucky you, you have discovered our cheap essay writing services. We will hold your hand to the end. An introduction is very crucial to your essay. It introduces your ideas to the reader. It should be both precise and concise as well as interesting to capture the attention of the reader. Strive to be creative and unique by how you introduce your main idea. You can decide to use a quote, a sentence, or a sense of humor.

Your introduction should also include the following; a little background information on the book element or author of the book you are analyzing.


 A thesis statement is usually the last one or two sentences of your introduction. It should be clear and straight forward. To learn more about how to develop a strong thesis sign up to, the team is ready to answer all your queries and offer exceptional essay writing services to you.

The body

This is the main part of your essay.   It should consist of not less than three paragraphs explaining your arguments. Each of the arguments should be in a separate paragraph.  The paragraph should have a topic sentence that introduces the argument and related to the thesis statement, a support sentence that has evidence to back up your claim, and a conclusion sentence that summarizes the paragraph. It should be as clear as possible to the reader in every way.  Your reader shouldn’t struggle to understand what your essay is about. This being a very important part of your essay, it should be carefully researched on and written. Ensure the content is original and unique and always turn to our essay writing services for plagiarism- free essays.


This is the last paragraph of your work. It should be a summary of your essay and a personal take to either agree or disagree with the book/poem under analysis.  It must also restate the thesis statement. No new points area allowed at this point, and as much as it’s a summary, make sure it’s not a repetition of what is in the body. Use different wording and ensure it is strong and convincing.

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