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A step-by-step master academic writing skills for your social science papers

Every effective social science paper is a product of a step by step mastery of academic writing skills.  This technique not only makes writing easier but also earns you good marks. This article is a brief guide that highlights the basic steps that every social science student desiring to realize their academic goals should follow. After you read through it, remember to seek Social studies essay help from us at by placing an order with us, sharing your assignment instructions, and giving us a deadline to work with.


Choosing the topic

 In many cases, you are at liberty to choose a topic for your essay, in some instances, it is the professor who suggests a topic for you. If you are to choose one and you have several topics, it is important to read and understand the question and then select the one you are most comfortable with.  This should be guided by the following questions:

  • Will I find all the necessary resources to complete the assignment? 
  • Will I find enough information about the subject?
  • Will I be able to conduct a search in the area?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you can move on to the next step. But if you still have some doubts about your ability to handle the topics, seek social studies essay help immediately before you proceed.  A professional will guide you through the process of selecting a suitable and manageable topic for your essay and will then write the entire paper for you.

 Define a question

Take time to think of any ongoing discussion about your topic of interest and pick a specific question that you are most excited about. A question that interests you makes your work easier as you are motivated to dig deep for more insights.

Research on your topic

Begin with a keyword search to locate articles, books, or websites that talk about your topic. You can search through both printed and electronic databases.  For the printed sources, looking through the bibliographies is a great way of identifying authors who have carried out research related to your topic.  The internet also has a variety of sources only that caution should be taken when using online sources. Academic writing requires the students to critically evaluate every single source to authenticate its credibility and reliability. If you have challenges locating and evaluating your sources contact for affordable Social studies essay help.

Read about the topic

You have located enough sources and it is now time to sit and do a thorough reading about your topic.  As you read you should do it critically and also take notes.

  • Take notes only on the relevant facts or points that are important to your argument and analysis
  • Use paraphrased texts and quote if you must and be sure to indicate in your paper it is a quote
  • Note also the full bibliographic citation of each source for referencing purposes using any social science format style you are familiar with or according to the style indicated in the instruction
  • Critically read every source to determine the most compelling evidence about your question
  • Do active reading paying attention to how the author of the article or book presents their evidence, analysis their work. Besides, ask questions about the argument of the author.

Refine your question to develop a clear and concise thesis statement

 This should happen as you read through the sources. Reflect on your materials by writing down analysis points and ideas as they develop. This will help you get to a clear and strong hypothesis for your essay. Remember to have it strong and debatable hence the need to use’s professional writers to help with formulating a working thesis.


Write your essay

Beginning to write an essay is usually overwhelming to many students, but you have to write anyway.  For the first draft, much attention on a perfect essay is not important. Instead, it is recommended that you write every idea that comes in your mind on the topic and do revision later.  However, for success and ease, it is paramount to create an outline for your paper after you have taken notes and formulated a hypothesis.

The outline acts as a roadmap that helps you structure and organize your essay. It should be logically organized, clear, and concise. It should have the headings/ subheadings and the main points briefly stated under each. It is only meant to frame your work and direct you and provide a fall back in case you have forgotten some points as you write. Therefore, the following should appear in the outline:

Introduction which contains the thesis statement or the research question which can always be refined throughout the writing process.

Body which comprises of several paragraphs which with topic sentences and summarized evidence

Conclusion which is a summary of the findings and recommendations. If you have not been outlining your essay, it could be one of the main reasons for poor performance. Learn more about the importance of an outline and how to create one for your next assignment through our social studies essay help services available 24/7.

Prepare the first draft

As said earlier don’t spend too much time trying to produce an error-free copy.  You will have enough time for that. With an outlined guideline you on what to write and where to write it, the basic structure for your essay should be as follows:


Your Introduction plays a very crucial role.  Among other roles, it introduces the topic to the reader, sets the tone of the paper, highlights the purpose of the study, why it is significant that you carry out the study, how you intend to do it, its contribution of the study to the field and society and ends with the thesis statement. As it sets the tone of your paper, it should be clear, concise, straightforward forward and attention-grabbing.


This is the main part of your paper. Its main purpose is to support your argument/ thesis statement in the introduction. All your reading will be used in this section. Depending on the length of the paper you will need several paragraphs to ensure you have adequate support for your main claim. Begin every paragraph with a topic sentence to introduce your point followed by a few sentences that have the evidence to back up your point. Make sure all the details in the paragraphs are connected to the thesis statement. Be sure to provide full and correct citations for every quote and paraphrased text to avoid charges of plagiarism and also enhance credibility. Also, each information from an outside source should be well integrated. Sign up at website to enjoy our social studies essay help and learn more about the integration of sources and plagiarism.


A conclusion presents to you another and the very last opportunity to convince your reader that your study is worthy your effort and their consideration. This is done by restating your thesis statement, summarizing the main points and proposing any recommendation for future research if there is need for more study on your topic.  Finally conclude by a statement that is undeniably convincing.


Revise your essay

Revising your essay allows you to edit and proofread your work.  With a pen, your essay, or laptop, read out your paper loudly to hear how it sounds. The exercise allows you to check out for the following:

  • If there is a smooth and logical flow from the introduction to the conclusion as well as in the sentences and paragraphs
  • If you have used the right words, correct language, formal and academic voice
  • If every word, phrase, sentence, or paragraphs are clear and simple to read and understand
  • If your thesis statement is clear and adequately supported
  • If your arguments and evidence are well stated and linked to the thesis statement
  • If all the evidence is well-cited
  • If the sentences and paragraphs are properly structured and transitioned
  • If there are grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • If the overall essay structure is fine and if you have answered the correct question and in the right way

Revising your own paper can be challenging thus the need to check a second opinion from a professional editor or buy error-free essays from Our writers are professionals in their field and in the offering of social studies essay help to students of all levels.  You can trust us by following this guide and you will soon see a change in your performance.  Besides, you can always talk to us whenever you have an assignment for social studies essay help through our Facebook page, website, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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