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All you need to know about the standard format for a research paper

After spending months conducting your research, the time has come for you to write the research paper/ report.  For some, this is an overwhelming task where even starting becomes very challenging and they often resolve to seek help from a reliable research paper writing company for excellently written papers.  In this article, we tell you how the format of your research paper should look like but before then it is important to address the issue of organizing your thoughts before you get to writing. At, we do all this to help you become the best student because we understand how poor performance can negatively affect your final grades.


Organize your thoughts

 This can be considered to be a very crucial task even before you sit to write your research paper.  After researching and you have your data ready, compile and analyze it. Also, create an outline that will have the topics and subtopics with each having listed points that you will discuss later.  An outline acts as a roadmap and makes your writing easy and helps save time. All great writers understand this and you should also strive to create one, if you have difficulties, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance from essay writing service provider, a leading researching paper writing company, and the smartest choice of many students. While organizing your data, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What message are you passing to the reader?
  • Which is the most important information from the research?
  • What impact does your research have on others?
  • Is there a need for more research?

Aim for clarity

 Since you want the reader to understand your research, it is imperative that you present every detail in the clearest way possible by:

  • Define technical terms
  • Keep everything simple
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Avoid irrelevant information

Research paper structure

Keeping the above in mind, you can now focus on the structure. All academic papers are organized in a specific way and in sections with each intended to achieve an intended goal.   So as you think about the standard format of a research paper, picture the following and always contact research paper writing company for questions regarding your research paper. Our services are available 24/7 to ensure reliability and efficiency.


This is a very important part of your research paper. It draws the reader in and also tells them what to expect in the presentation. For this reason, it should be clear and interesting to grab the reader’s attention. On the title page, include the name and affiliations of the author.


 This is a brief but comprehensive summary of your work.  It captures the main aspects of the research paper such as the purpose of research, research design, major findings, interpretation, and conclusion of the findings. It should be simple and easy to read to understand. It should be skillfully written as it plays a big role in determining if the reader will read your work entirely or not. Make sure you buy cheap customized abstract or research paper written from scratch from our research paper writing company if you are unable to write one.


Your introduction is equally important. It should be attention grabbing as it sets the stage for your paper and puts the topic into perspective.  The introduction does the following:

  • Highlight purpose and need for the study,
  • States the problem statement
  • Bears the research question, thesis statement, or hypothesis


This is a review of the literature showing what the previous researchers have discovered.  The length of this section depends on how much research has been done in the area you are investigating.  Make sure your sources are credible, reliable, and objective. By giving a brief overview of your study, it shows the reader that you understand the problem you are researching thus promoting confidence in the overall quality of your findings and analysis.   Therefore, it is imperative that you select your sources critically, and if you can’t locate enough sources and have any kind of difficulty; our professional writers are always there to hold your hand.   From the beginning to the end we will guide you or write the paper on your time and have it delivered on time.  So, if you have been wondering where to get a research paper writing company that listens to you and delivers exactly what you asked for, then is the partner you need.



In this section, describe the basic plan of your research by explaining the methods and techniques used to gather data in a clear and succinct manner.  You should also describe why you preferred the methods, their advantages, and limitations as well. In addition, state when the research will commence, end, the procedures, a little information on your research participants, and scope.


This is where you discuss your findings. Include both descriptive and quantitative details of your research.   Make sure you:

  • Summarize your findings in a text, give an illustration of each and be sure to include tables and figures where applicable.
  • Describe the results in a way that points to the reader the most important observations
  • Explain the results of any controlled experiment, and capture all observations not presented in tables or figures if appropriate.
  • Analyze your data and present it in a table, figure, or in text.  To learn more about what to include and not to capture in this section, visit research paper writing company website and sign up to get detailed guides for all your assignments.


Discuss in detail what your results mean in this segment.   For every explanation of a phenomenon, describe the mechanisms that account for the observations.  In case your results are different from your expectations, explain the reasons and if they agree, describe the theory and evidence to support this.  Each discussion should be supported by reliable evidence.

Limitations and recommendations

Every study has its own limitation. In this part of your research paper,  discuss any limit on your study, and present suggestions for additional studies based on your findings.


Acknowledge all the contributors to your study.


Make sure you reference all citations in the text adhering to the style conventions set for by your instructor, faculty, or discipline.

Tables and figures

In most scenarios, the tables and figures appear in a separate file or at the end of the research paper.  Make sure they are clearly labeled to avoid confusion.


Include any supplementary material that may be helpful in making the reader understand your work more but couldn’t be included in the body text.

Writing an effective research paper is overwhelming but if you have the necessary skills, a guide, and help from qualified and experienced research paper writers from a reputable research paper writing company like, the entire process becomes stress-free.  So, why sit there worried about where to start or end when we have a solution to all your assignment questions and fears?  Everyone is welcome to seek help here, just click the ORDER NOW button, fill the order description, and have everything else done for you. We are also found on Facebook and LinkedIn to serve you better.

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